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Airrus Comatrix 2.0

Comatrix 2.0 (discontinued) - Airrus
Anneaux Micro Airrus.
handle EVA.
Airrus Comatrix 2.0
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Co-Matrix 2.0 is a re-styled version of the original 457 series that put Airrus on the map. Built around the original Co-Matrix blanks the new Co-Matrix 2.0 now sports a split reel seat for maximum hand to blank contact, a stylist machined aluminum butt cap that won’t catch in your shirt and features the proprietary Airrus Micro Guide system for longer more accurate casts. Maintaining the original blank tapers and construction has allowed us to retain those characteristics which made the original 457 series such a valued part of a fisherman’s arsenal whether they are a Weekender or an Elite Pro. The old adage “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” had a lot to do with it as well.
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namelengthactionsectionspowerlineyear country
CX2S671M (discontinued)6' 7"fast11/8-3/8oz4-10lbMediumus, 2012 fr
CX2S671MH (discontinued)6' 7"fast11/8-5/8oz5-12lbMediumus, 2012 fr
CX2C661MH (discontinued)6' fast11/4-3/4oz8-15lbMedium Heavyus, 2012 fr
CX2C681MH (discontinued)6' fast13/8-3/4oz8-16lbMedium Heavyus, 2012 fr
CX2C701M (discontinued)7' 12"reg-fast13/16-5/8oz8-14lbMediumus, 2012 fr
CX2C701MH (discontinued)7' 12"reg-fast13/8-1oz6-18lbMedium Heavyus, 2012 fr
CX2C701H (discontinued)7' 12"ex-fast11/4-1oz8-20lbHeavyus, 2012 fr
CX2C701XH (discontinued)7' 12"ex-fast13/8-1 1/2oz8-20lbExtra Heavyus, 2012 fr
CX2C731MH (discontinued)7' 3"reg-fast13/8-1 1/4oz8-20lbMedium Heavyus, 2012 fr
CX2C731XH (discontinued)7' 3"ex-fast11/2-2oz12-50lbExtra Heavyus, 2012 fr
CX2C761XH (discontinued)7' 6"reg-fast15/8-3.5oz8-30lbExtra Heavyus, 2012 fr
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