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Major Craft Basspara

Major Craft Basspara
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Manufacturer's infos:
The stylish grip design. The clear deep blue blanks against the field. Basspara satisfy our desire to prossess also. The cost performance is no longer for entry rod. It is the standard rod which we can use habitually for ever. The airy casting ability, the high sensitivity, the power which don't lose to big one, a lot of the lineup and everything make real basser satisfied.
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namelengthactionsectionspoweryear country
BPC-632ML6' 3"reg-fast23/16-1/2ozcasting>2010 jp
BPC-632M6' 3"reg-fast21/4-3/4ozcasting2010 jp
BPC-662M6' 6"reg-fast21/4-3/4ozcasting2010 jp
BPC-632MH6' 3"fast21/4-1ozcasting>2010 jp
BPC-662MH6' 6"fast21/4-1ozcasting2010 jp
BPS-632UL6' 3"ex-fast21/16-3/16ozspinning>2010 jp
BPS-662UL6' 6"ex-fast21/16-3/16ozspinning>2010 jp
BPS-602L6' fast21/16-1/4ozspinning2010 jp
BPS-632L6' 3"fast21/16-1/4ozspinning2010 jp
BPS-662L6' 6"fast21/16-1/4ozspinning>2010 jp
BPS-632ML6' 3"fast21/8-3/8ozspinning>2010 jp
BPS-662ML6' 6"fast21/8-3/8ozspinning2010 jp
BPS-702ML7' 12"fast21/8-3/8ozspinning>2010 jp
Best price for Major Craft Basspara: 89.90€ / 9 offer(s)
Canne Spinning Major Craft B...ara X
89.40€ 89.90 +1% date: 7/24
Canne Casting Major Craft Basspara X
142€ 92.00 -35% date: 7/24
Shop .us us
Last price date: 7/24
Shop .us us
Last price date: 7/24
Shop .fr fr
Last price date: 7/24
Shop .fr fr
Last price date: 7/24
Canne Spinning Major Craft B...10,5g
131.40€ 131.40 date: 7/24
Canne Casting Major Craft Ba...- 42g
135€ 135 date: 7/24
Major Craft Canne Casting BA...ointe
153.90€ 153.90 date: 7/23

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