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Airrus Alano Power

Alano Power (discontinued) - Airrus
Anneaux Kigan.
handle EVA.
Airrus Alano Power
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Manufacturer's infos:
The new restyle of the Alano Power series. Our Radial Matrix Blank give to the rod a surprising fighting power and an incredible versatility, allowing the use of all the most common minnows or popper/walking the dog baits. The powerful backbone has a huge reserve of energy able to respond to all the surprises of a fishing day. We reduced the foregrip size using a carbon fiber hood, we cut the weight in the most sensitive sections of the rod to have the best balance and wiped out all the vibration dampening materials for extreme performances. The Alano Power blank isn't afraid of any battle. Forcing the fish with the off-hand on the first guide becomes possible without any fear of breakage.
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namelengthactionsectionspowerlineyear country
ALPS671H (discontinued)6' 7"reg-fast11/8-3/4oz6-20lbHeavyus
ALPS731H (discontinued)7' 3"ex-fast11/4-1 1/4oz8-25lbHeavyus
ALPS731XH (discontinued)7' 3"ex-fast11/2-2.5oz12-35lbExtra Heavyus
ALPS731H-LG (discontinued)7' 3"ex-fast11/4-1 1/4oz8-25lbHeavyus
ALPS731XH-LG (discontinued)7' 3"ex-fast11/2-2.5oz12-35lbExtra Heavyus
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