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Izumi Shad Alive

Coulant ou flottant suivant les modèles.
Contient des billes bruiteuses.
Izumi Shad Alive
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Infos constructeur:
Izumi Shad Alive is a realistic swimbait created by fishing experts in cooperation with IZUMI’s engineers and lure designers. After several years of hard work and numerous world-wide field-tests, we have worked out the perfect bait which responds to the requirements of European anglers. Izumi Shad Alive is available in three versions: floating, slow sinking and fast sinking. A wide selection of weights and dimensions makes it irresistible for main predator species like pike, zander, perch, chub and trout. Shad Alive is equipped with tungsten weights which are located in specially designed chambers. Precise weight adjustment assures incredibly stable performance even when folded over the line or wire leader. Due to its perfect design and weight system all main techniques and animations can be applied with Shad Alive, from extremely slow to fast and aggressive retrieve, as well as any type of twitching and jerking style imitating the injured fry.
Shad Alive’s unique form and true color chart realistically imitates the main feeding objects of predators: roach, carp, tench and perch. The first prototype of Shad Alive was a basic model of 105mm dimension, but after field-tests, fishing experts requested the expansion of our Shad Alive family. Therefore, we have finally created a wide range of prototypes, from ultralight to heavy-duty application.
This swimbait is easy to manipulate. When fishing in shallow and weedy spots, you can make the lure glide over the surface without much effort and speed up this way the weeding area. Swimming type models of 105mm to 145mm show excellent performance at deep trolling with downrigger.
You can easily adapt your individual weight adjustment by changing the wire leader or treble hook size to convert from a floating model into a slow sinking one, or fast sinking bait into a suspending one. This sort of modification can be extremely suitable in changing weather conditions when the water alters its density and you need to search for the lure’s optimum floating horizontal application.
While field-testing the swimbait, Shad Alive has been successfully approved in Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries, and Japan.

Shad Alive Perch 120 mm is a five-piece realistic swimbait imitating a perch. Its color chart corresponds to the environmental conditions of the area and tends from light color shades in the rivers to the dark color shades in peat ponds. Shad Alive Perch boasts very realistic performance at any speed or animation type, whether twitching or stop-and-go action. Three versions of bait are available: floating, sinking and fast sinking. Thus, you can easily select the most suitable lure to a certain depth. Being conscious that perch is a preferable fry food of trophy pikes in most ponds, we developed this top-attractive bait with realistic color and an exact copy of a real perch's shape to assure maximum attractiveness to monstrous pike.
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nomlongueurpoidsannée pays
Shad Alive 505cm2.9grslow sinking (0 - 1m)eu
Shad Alive 808cm9.5grslow sinking (0 - 1,5m)eu
Shad Alive 808cm10.5grfast sinking (1 - 2m)eu
Shad Alive 10510.5cm21.3grfloating (0 - 0,5m)eu
Shad Alive 10510.5cm22.5grslow sinking (0 - 2,5m)eu
Shad Alive 10510.5cm25grfast sinking (1,5 - 3,5m)eu
Shad Alive 14514.5cm49.5grfloating (0 - 0,5m)eu
Shad Alive 14514.5cm53.6grslow sinking (0 - 3m)eu
Shad Alive 14514.5cm58.8grfast sinking (1 - 5m)eu
Shad Alive Perch 12012cm24.1grfloating (0 - 0,5m)eu
Shad Alive Perch 12012cm26.1grslow sinking (0 - 3m)eu
Shad Alive Perch 12012cm29grfast sinking (1 - 4m)eu
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leurre, Izumi, carnassier, pêche au leurre, eau douce
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leurre, Izumi, pêche au leurre, carnassier, eau douce
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