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Fishing tackle

Lunker City Shaker
star 4/5
Lunker City
Shaker (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[3.25"] [4.5"] [6"] [8"]
Major Craft K.G.Lights Ajing
star 4/5
Major Craft
K.G.Lights Ajing (spinning rod)
[KGL-S702AJI] [KGL-S762AJI] [KGL-S802AJI] [KGL-T702AJI] [KGL-T762AJI] plus...
YGK G-soul WX8
star 4/5
G-soul WX8 (braid, PE)
[PE #0.8 / 12lb] [PE #1 / 16lb] [PE #1.2 / 20lb] [PE #1.5 / 25lb]
Smith Bay Liner Boron
star 4/5
Bay Liner Boron (spinning rod, casting rod)
[70 ML] [76 M] [78 MH] [C 69] [C 72] plus...
Delalande Sandra
star 4/5
Sandra (virgule)
[5cm] [7cm] [9cm] [12cm] [16cm] plus...
Delalande Shad GT
star 4/5
Shad GT (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[9cm] [11cm] [13cm] [15cm] [18cm] plus...
Megabass Vision
star 4/5
Vision (hardbait, jerkbait)
[Vision 95 Slow Float] [Vision 95] [Vision OneTen Jr] [Vision OneTen Jr SW] [OneTen Square Bill] plus...
Reins RAZ | Aji Ringer Z
star 4/5
RAZ | Aji Ringer Z (spinning rod)
[RAZ 7'2" UL] [RAZ 7'6" L] [RAZ 8' L]
Illex, Sensas Ashura Pepper Spinning
star 4/5
Illex, Sensas
Ashura Pepper Spinning (spinning rod)
[S 210 UL] [S 198 UL Micro Jig Special] [S 210 ML Akoya Pearl] [S 2102 ML Akoya Pearl] [S 240 M Eging Specialized Edition] plus...
Shimano, Shimano Inc Metanium
star 4/5
Shimano, Shimano Inc
Metanium (casting reel)
[Metanium Left / Right] [Metanium HG Left / Right] [Metanium XG Left / Right]
Shimano, Shimano Inc Rarenium Ci4+ FB
star 4/5
Shimano, Shimano Inc
Rarenium Ci4+ FB (spinning reel)
[RARCI41000FB] [RARCI42500FB] [RARCI43000SFB] [RARCI44000FB]
Lucky Craft B'Freeze | Pointer
star 4/5
Lucky Craft
B'Freeze | Pointer (hardbait, jerkbait)
[48 SP] [48 LB SP | 48 DD] [65 F] [65 SP] [65 S] plus...
Daiwa Crosscast
star 4/5
Crosscast (spinning rod)
[CRS762XULS Rock Fish] [CRS662MHFSAF] [CRS702MFSAF] [CRS702HFSAF] [CRS702MHFSAF] plus...
Lucky Craft Area
star 4/5
Lucky Craft
Area (spinnerbait)
[1/8] [3/16] [1/4] [3/8] [1/2] plus...
Zip Baits Rigge
star 4/5
Zip Baits
Rigge (hardbait, jerkbait)
[35F] [56F] [70F] [90F] [Deep 35F] plus...
Zoom Super Fluke
star 4/5
Super Fluke (jerkbait, shad, softbait)
[Super Fluke Jr] [Super Fluke] [Magnum Super Fluke]
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