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Terminal tackle

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Best sales:

Regenerator Mono from Savage Gear
-55% <4 on Shop .fr fr
Micro Flex from Delalande
-44% <5 on Shop .fr fr
Screw-in-Dots from Svartzonker
-41% <3 on Shop .fr fr
J-Braid x4 from Daiwa
-39% <9 on Shop .fr fr
Zippy Leader from Sufix
Lignes de pêche Sufix Zippy 100 M
-37% 5.99 on es [info]
Mountain Stream Pro Stage from Varivas
Lignes de pêche Varivas Keir...
-36% 13.99 on es [info]
Impact Shock Leader from Sakura
-35% <20 on Shop .fr fr
Sensibraid 8X from Sakura
-35% <30 on Shop .fr fr
Teklon from Teklon
-33% <6 on Shop .fr fr
Finesse Down Shot from Illex
-30% <4 on Shop .fr fr
Jig Head Big Game JH32629 from Mustad
-29% <7 on Shop .fr fr
H. D. Carbon from Yo Zuri
Lignes de pêche Yo-zuri H.d....
-28% 17.49 on es [info]
XP from Tuf-Line
Lignes de pêche Tuf-line Xp ...
-27% 28.99 on es [info]
Avani Casting PE Max Power from Varivas
Lignes de pêche Varivas Avan...
-27% 89.99 on es [info]
Straight Jig Head from Illex
-23% <5 on Shop .fr fr
Whiplash from Berkley
Lignes de pêche Berkley Whip...
-23% 36.99 on es [info]
7119SH | Spinshot from VMC
Crochets Vmc 7119sh Spinshot
-23% 4.99 on es [info]
Micro Football from Delalande
-23% <4 on Shop .fr fr
Egg Snap from Decoy
-22% <11 on Shop .fr fr
Seabass Shock Leader from Varivas
Lignes de pêche Varivas Seab...
-22% 11.99 on es [info]

Last tackle:

Smith AR-Jig (jig head)

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