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Terminal tackle

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Best sales:

Exage from Shimano
Nylon Shimano Exage - 300M
-66% 4.40 on fr [info]
Round Snap from Decoy
Decoy Round Snap Sn-1 - N°1 ...
-51% 3.38 on fr [info]
Fluoro Carbon Super Hard from Powerline
Nylon De Peche Fluorocarbon ...
-51% 7.20 on fr [info]
Tresse Spectra from Power Pro
Tresse Power Pro Verte
-43% 19.95 on fr [info]
Zippy Leader from Sufix
Sufix Zippy 100 M 0.450 mm Clear
-39% 5.49 on es [info]
Classic from Gruppo DP
-38% 8.68 on fr [info]
Trident from Tortue
Nylon Trident Tortue Special...e 50M
-38% 1.78 on fr [info]
100% Fluorocarbon from Savage Gear
Fluorocarbone Savage Gear So...arbon
-37% 8.50 on fr [info]
TR58NP from Mustad
Mustad Ultrapoint KVD Elite, 4
-37% 34.80 on fr [info]
Egg Snap from Decoy
Decoy Egg Snap Sn-3 - N°1.5 ...
-36% 2.96 on fr [info]
Trilene Big Game Fluorocarbon from Berkley
Berkley Big Game Fluorocarbo...
-36% 11.10 on fr [info]
Shooter FC Sniper Invisible from Sunline
Sunline Shooter FC Sniper In...
-36% 29.50 on fr [info]
JH-85 | Nagare Dama from Owner
Tete Plombee Owner Rock Fish...Par 5
-35% 4.50 on fr [info]
JH-83 | Jig-606 | Mebaru Dama from Owner
Tete Plombee Owner Rock Fish... Pack
-35% 4.50 on fr [info]
ST-31 from Owner
Hamecon Triple Mer Owner St31 - Pack
-34% 5.62 on fr [info]
Straight Jig Head from Illex
Tete Plombee Illex Straight ... Pack
-32% 3.94 on fr [info]
Aji-Meba Jig Head from Reins
Tete Plombee Reins Aji Meba ... Pack
-32% 5.43 on fr [info]
Aji-Ringer Jig Head from Reins
Tete Plombee Reins Aji Ringe... Pack
-32% 5.43 on fr [info]
7346WT | Heavy Duty Weighted Swi... from VMC
Hamecon Texan Vmc Mystic Pre...Par 4
-32% 4.05 on fr [info]
Whiplash Crystal from Berkley
Tresse Berkley Whiplash Crys... 300m
-31% 28.99 on fr [info]

Last tackle:

VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7198 | Neko (hook)
Quantum, Zebco Brands Exofil (nylon, fluorocarbon)
Storm, Rapala VMC Corp 360°GT Searchbait Swimmer Jig (jig head)
Storm, Rapala VMC Corp 360°GT Searchbait Weedless Jig Head (jig head)
Storm, Rapala VMC Corp 360°GT Searchbait Jig (jig head)
Daiwa Team Daiwa Saltwater (nylon)
Daiwa Exceler (nylon)
Shimano, Shimano Inc Exage (nylon)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp Neko Skirt (plomb)

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