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Line System Trout Nylon Monofilament

Trout serie.
Densité: 1.14 (sinking).
Couleur: naturel.
Bobines de 100yds (90m) ou 300m (330yds).
Line System Trout
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Manufacturer's infos:
Line specialized for trout with the perfect balance of “delicacy & toughness.”
This trout line combines high levels of direct strength, knotting strength and wear resistance. Available in nylon for emphasis on handling or fluorocarbon for emphasis on wear resistance.
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#0.6 / 2lb0.9kg0.128mmjp
#0.8 / 3lb1.4kg0.148mmjp
#1 / 4lb1.8kg0.165mmjp
#1.2 / 5lb2.3kg0.185mmjp
#1.5 / 6lb2.7kg0.205mmjp
#2 / 8lb3.6kg0.235mmjp
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