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Zappu Sasuteki

Zappu Sasuteki
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Manufacturer's infos:
Texas Rig Sinker, Light Enough, yet, Penetrates Dense Cover
When you try to pitch a Texas rig into a small spot, or smash through cover such as trash, what
stands in your way is the line. The sinker may fall through, but the worm may be left behind on the
cover. This makes your attacking incomplete in many cases. That is where Sasuteki sinker comes in,
which reverses positions of sinker and hook to let the sinker goes into cover pockets first. With this
arrangement, lighter weights can easily slip through heavy trash even where weights over 1oz is
needed. Away from trash, direct biting will come that you can catch. Also, the falling is faster than
regular Texas rig with the same weight. If you are trying to catch reactions from fish, this will be very
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1/32oz1/32ozpar 52005 jp
1/16oz1/16ozpar 52005 jp
3/32oz3/32ozpar 52005 jp
1/8oz1/8ozpar 42005 jp
3/16oz3/16ozpar 42005 jp
1/4oz1/4ozpar 32005 jp
3/8oz3/8ozpar 22005 jp
1/2oz1/2ozpar 22005 jp
3/4oz3/4ozà l'unité2005 jp
1oz1ozà l'unité2005 jp
1.2oz1 1/4ozà l'unité2005 jp
1.5oz1 1/2ozà l'unité2005 jp
Best price for Zappu Sasuteki: 8.30€ / 1 offer(s)
Plomb Balle Zappu Sasuteki Weight
8.30€ 8.30 date: 10/4

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