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Best sales:

Zander Pro Shad from Fox Rage
Fox-Rage Zander Pro Shad 10 UV
-76% 1.09 on fr [info]
Svartzonker McMy Tail from Abu Garcia
Leurre Coulant Abu Garcia Sv...- 50g
-72% 12.80 on fr [info]
One'up Shad from Sawamura
Sawamura One Up Shad 7In - 1...White
-68% 5.70 on fr [info]
Svartzonker McPerch Shad from Abu Garcia
Abu Garcia® Svartzonker McPerch Shad
-67% 7.10 on fr [info]
Svartzonker McMio Tail from Abu Garcia
Queue De Rechange Abu Garcia...Tails
-65% 2.80€ on fr [info]
Shad Rap from Rapala
Rapala Shad Rap 07 Leurre de...
-55% 7.95 on fr [info] amazon_prime
Onduspoon from Sébile
Cuiller Ondulante Sébile Ond...
-55% 5.96 on fr [info]
Slice from Maria
Maria Slice 70mm 15 grams Vi...3063)
-53% 9.90 on fr [info]
Beach Walker from Duo
Duo Beach Walker Fulcrum 95 ...0022)
-49% 19.00 on fr [info]
Jungle from Gunki
GUNKI LEURRE Flottant Kraken...
-47% 7.78 on fr [info]
Deathadder Hog from Deps
deps DeathAdder Hog 3, appât...
-46% 6.26 on fr [info] amazon_prime
Shad Shape Worm from Gary Yamamoto
'Shad Shape Worm 3.75-waterm...Black
-45% 2.95 on fr [info]
Micro from Adam's
LEURRE MADAI Adam's Micro MA...
-42% 6.47 on fr [info]
Svartzonker McBeast from Abu Garcia
Leurre Souple Abu Garcia Sva... 26cm
-42% 19.00 on fr [info]
Svartzonker McPerch Curly from Abu Garcia
Abu Garcia® Svartzonker McPe...
-41% 8.10 on fr [info]
X-Rap from Rapala
Rapala X-Rap Twitchin 'Minno...
-40% 11.95 on fr [info] amazon_prime
BX Brat from Rapala
Rapala Bxb03hob BX Brat carré Bill
-40% 14.18 on fr [info]
Gigan from Gunki
-40% 7.78 on fr [info]
Gyodo from Ima
Ima Gyodo 110 SR Flatfish Mi...2001)
-39% 15.59 on fr [info]
EZ from Gambler
Gambler Go Fish X Big EZ Lot...uples
-39% 6.00 on fr [info]

Last tackle:

Noike, Valley Hill Wild Goby (softbait)
Noike, Valley Hill Ring Curly (virgule, worm)
Fish Arrow, Imakatsu, Huddleston Huddle Swimmer Bacuraston (swimbait, shad, softbait)
Gary Yamamoto Zako Swimbait (swimbait, softbait)
Jackall, Illex, Sensas Magsquad (hardbait, jerkbait)
Jackall Floating Flick (worm)
Jackall, Illex, Sensas Neon Flick (worm)
Jackall Wobbring (virgule, worm)
Jackall Rhythm Shad (shad, softbait)
Jackall Cover Slide (craw)
Jackall Binksy (hardbait, popper)
Jackall Gillcra (crankbait)
Jackall Vigor (invertebrate)
Jackall Nakata Jig (jig)
Jackall Vector Jig (jig)
Jackall Break Blade (chatterbait)

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