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Best sales:

Zander Pro Shad from Fox Rage, Fox
Fox-Rage Zander Pro Shad 10 ...dy UV
-88% 0.58 on fr [info]
Vibro Worm from Crazy Fish
Crazy Fish Vibro Worm - 5 pcs
-73% 1.59 on [info]
Skapning from Volkiën Soul
Volkien Skapning 75
-73% 1.59 on [info]
Z-Hog from Zoom
Zoom Z-Hog Bait 4in Junebug
-71% $1.89 (~1.6€) on us [info]
Effzett Kick-S Minnow Weedless P... from DAM
Effzett Kick-S Minnow Weedle...50 mm
-68% 3.95 on [info]
Mad Wag from Keitech
Keitech Mad Wag Mini Leurre ... 440)
-67% 6.49 on fr [info]
Cray Fish from Mikado
Mikado Cray Fish 10cm (2pcs)
-67% 1.95 on [info]
Ultra UV Crayfish from Fox Rage, Fox
Fox Rage Creature Ultra UV Crayfish
-64% 2.49 on [info]
Ultra UV Funky Worm from Fox Rage, Fox
Fox Rage Creature Ultra UV F... Worm
-64% 2.49 on [info]
Ultra UV Shovel Shad from Fox Rage, Fox
Fox Rage Creature Ultra UV S... Shad
-64% 2.49 on [info]
Ultra UV Swing Ball from Fox Rage, Fox
Fox Rage Creature Ultra UV S... Ball
-64% 2.49 on [info]
Shadalicious Swimbait from Strike King
Strike King Shadalicious Swi...zzard
-63% 8.65 on fr [info]
Crystal Minnow from Yo Zuri
Yo-Zuri Leurre Flottant en C...,9 cm
-62% 17.28 on fr [info] amazon_prime
Platinum Series from Castaic
Castaic Platinum Series
-61% 6.99 on [info]
SC Bug from Molix
Molix SC Bug 4'' - 5 pièces
-61% 3.49 on [info]
Da'Mega Bush from Savage Gear
Spinnerbait Savage Gear Da' ...- 55G
-60% 7.90 on [info]
4D Line Thru Pulse Tail Roach from Savage Gear
Savage Gear 4D Line Thru SS
-60% 9.95 on [info]
Virago from Molix
-60% <7 on Shop .fr fr
Flopclaw from Ever Green
Evergreen Flop Claw
-59% 4.49 on [info]
C'Eel Worm from Gunki
Gunki C'Eel Worm
-58% 2.95 on [info]

Last tackle:

Berkley, Pure Fishing PowerBait PowerStinger (swimbait, shad)
Yum, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing FF Sonar Minnow (shad, softbait)
Berkley, Pure Fishing Money Badger (crankbait)
Storm, Rapala VMC Corp Largo Shad (swimbait, shad, softbait)
Zoom Original Worm (worm)
Zoom Speed Worm (worm)
Yum, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing Christie Craw (craw)
OSP MMZ (worm)
Berkley, Pure Fishing Hollow Belly V-Tail (softbait, jerkbait, tube)
Ever Green Stabil (jig)
Ever Green IR Jig (jig)
Ever Green Reaction Football (jig)
Ever Green Grass Ripper (jig)
Delalande Néo Frog (frog)
Delalande Zand Fat (swimbait, shad, softbait)
Delalande Zand Finess (softbait)
Delalande Long Bass Worm (worm)
Delalande Craw Jig Mini (jig)
Delalande Craw (craw)
Molix RT Fork Flex (softbait)

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