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Best sales:

Tournament Saltwater from Daiwa
-78% <7€ on Shop .fr
Speed Minnow from Sakura
-75% <5€ on Shop .fr
Akaru from Sakura
-73% <3€ on Shop .fr
VIOS Tk Twister from Megabass
-71% <4€ on Shop .fr
Bay Ruf Manic from Duo
-71% <6€ on Shop .fr
Ya-Mamba from Megabass
-71% <4€ on Shop .fr
Spin Drive from Megabass
-71% <9€ on Shop .fr
Beach Walker from Duo
-71% <8€ on Shop .fr
Finder Jerk from Molix
-70% <6€ on Shop .fr
X Layer from Megabass
-69% <6€ on Shop .fr
Prop Darter from Megabass
-68% <9€ on Shop .fr
Stick Shadd from Sébile
-64% <9€ on Shop .fr
Jubar from Molix
-64% <5€ on Shop .fr
Slender Eel from Sébile
-62% <5€ on Shop .fr
VIOS E-Ba from Megabass
-60% <4€ on Shop .fr
Inch Zic from Megabass
-60% <5€ on Shop .fr
Z-Crank from Megabass
-60% <30€ on Shop .fr
VIOS Hiraishin from Megabass
-60% <5€ on Shop .fr
Bully Wa from River2Sea
-59% <4€ on Shop .fr
Glassie Vib from River2Sea
-58% <4€ on Shop .fr

Dernières fiches créées ou mises à jour:

Livingston Stick Master (hardbait, jerkbait)
Livingston Pro Sizzle (stickbait)
Livingston Pro Wake (crankbait)
Livingston Dive Master (crankbait)
Livingston Pro Ripper (crankbait, lipless)
Delalande Flex (spinnerbait)
Delalande Mini Spinner (spinnerbait)
Strike King Red Eye Shad (crankbait, lipless)
Strike King The Premier Plus (spinnerbait)
Strike King Premier Pro-Model Spinnerbait (spinnerbait)
Strike King The Burner (spinnerbait)
Strike King Bottom Dweller (spinnerbait)
Imakatsu Mogulla Jig (jig)
Imakatsu Shakey Chatter (chatterbait)
Imakatsu Mogulla Moth Chatter Monster (chatterbait)
Imakatsu Mogulla Moth Chatter Perfection (chatterbait)
Imakatsu Mogulla Moth Chatter Spin (chatterbait)
Imakatsu Zinx Chatter (spinnerbait, chatterbait)

Search an item name, a mark, a type:
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