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Best sales:

Z-Craw from Zoom
Zoom 127-019 Z-Craw, 10,8 cm
-85% 0.50 on fr [info]
Flash-J Huddle from Fish Arrow
Fish Arrow Flash J Huddle Le...uc 1"
-55% 6.72 on fr [info]
Cavitron from MegaStrike
Megastrike Cavitron Buzzbait...
-50% 10.76 on fr [info]
Brugas from Molix
Plat Jerkbait par molix "bru...
-48% 10.76 on fr [info]
Shad Shape Worm from Gary Yamamoto
YAMAMOTO Shad Forme Worm Appât
-46% 6.72 on fr [info]
Svartzonker McMy Tail from Abu Garcia
Leurre Coulant Abu Garcia Sv...- 50g
-45% 19.30 on fr [info]
Pocopoco from Duo
-43% 12.55 on fr [info]
Duck Fin Live Shad from Daiwa
Daiwa Duck Fin Live Shad - 1... Pike
-42% 6.72 on fr [info]
Toby from Abu Garcia
Abu Garcia® Toby® Spoon
-41% 2.99 on fr [info]
BX Waking Minnow from Rapala
Rapala BX Waking Minnow 13 B...apala
-41% 9.60 on fr [info]
Effzett Viper from DAM
DAM wobbler/effzett viper sw...75 mm
-40% 11.90 on fr [info]
Super Chunk from Zoom
Zoom 037-363-sp Super Chunk, 10,2 cm
-40% 4.63 on fr [info]
Flash-J from Fish Arrow
Fish Arrow Flash J Slim 1.5*...
-39% 6.72 on fr [info]
Scarabait from Delalande
Delalande Pêche 06120434 10 ...
-38% 6.12 on fr [info] amazon_prime
Coozillar from Ima
Ima Soft Lure Coozillar Sink...2493)
-37% 10.94 on fr [info]
Deep Little N from Norman
Bill Norman Double Deep Little N
-37% 6.64 on fr [info]
Soft 4Play from Savage Gear
Savage Gear Soft 4Play Lip S...48699
-36% 10.10 on fr [info]
X-Rap Subwalk from Rapala
Rapala X-Rap® Saltwater Subw...
-35% 10.97 on fr [info]
Swim'n Dinger from Yum
Yum Swim N Dinger Rouge Bug
-34% 5.49 on fr [info]
Shad Rap Jointed from Rapala
Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 07 L...
-33% 10.61 on fr [info]

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Duo Beach Walker Revolt (lipless)
Duo Beach Walker Fulcrum (hardbait, jerkbait)
Duo Beach Walker Axcion (hardbait, jerkbait)
Duo Beach Walker Vib (hardbait, jerkbait)

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