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On this page, here tackle with tag "spinnerbait".
You can browse parent-types: wirebait.
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DEPS B Custom
star 3/5
B Custom (spinnerbait)
[3/8oz] [1/2oz] [5/8oz] [3/4oz] [1oz]
Nories, Marukyu Crystal S
star 3/5
Nories, Marukyu
Crystal S (spinnerbait)
[Crystal S 1/4] [Crystal S 3/8] [Crystal S 1/2] [Crystal S Shallow Roll 1/4] [Crystal S Shallow Roll 3/8] plus...
Sawamura Vibe Blade
star 3/5
Vibe Blade (crankbait, lipless, spinnerbait)
Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait | KVD Spinnerbait
star 3/5
Strike King
Tour Grade Spinnerbait | KVD Spinnerbait (spinnerbait)
[KVD Spinnerbait] [KVD Spinnerbait] [KVD Spinnerbait] [KVD Spinnerbait] [KVD Spinnerbait] plus...
Booyah, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing Blade Spinnerbait
star 2/5
Booyah, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing
Blade Spinnerbait (spinnerbait)
[3.5gr] [5.3gr] [7gr] [10gr] [14gr] plus...
Jackall, Illex, Sensas Super Eruption
star 2/5
Jackall, Illex, Sensas
Super Eruption (spinnerbait)
[1/4 Oz] [1/2 Oz] [3/4 Oz]
DEPS Minibros
star 2/5
Minibros (spinnerbait)
[1/4] [3/8] [1/2]
OSP High Pitcher
star 2/5
High Pitcher (spinnerbait)
[1/4oz] [5/16oz] [3/8oz] [1/2oz]
Pezon & Michel, Sensas Impact
star 2/5
Pezon & Michel, Sensas
Impact (spinnerbait)
[7gr Double Willow] [14gr Double Willow] [21gr Double Willow] [14gr Simple Colorado] [21gr Simple Colorado] plus...
OSP Typhoon
star 2/5
Megabass V-Flat
star 2/5
V-Flat (spinnerbait)
[1.3oz] [5/16 oz] [3/7oz] [1/2oz] [3/16oz] plus...
Lucky Craft RV
star 1/5
Lucky Craft
RV (spinnerbait)
[RV-s90] [RV-s120] [RV-s150]
Delalande Spinner
star 1/5
Spinner (spinnerbait)
[1 palette] [1 palette Colorado] [2 palettes] [2 palettes] [2 palettes] plus...
Lucky Craft MH
star 1/5
Lucky Craft
MH (spinnerbait)
[MH-1S] [MH-2S]
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Dernières fiches créées ou mises à jour:

Savage Gear, Prologic 3D Hard Eel (softbait)
Red October Bait Twisted Tube (tube)
Red October Bait Big Sexy Tube (tube)
Red October Bait Monster Tube (tube)
Red October Bait Ninja tube (tube)
Trophy Pike Solution Lotzilla (virgule)
Trophy Pike Solution Esox Toy (tube)
Xcite Baits XB-1 (crankbait)
Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Jr (craw)
Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Chunk (craw)
Crazy Fish Scalp Minnow (softbait)
Crazy Fish Nano Minnow (softbait)
Crazy Fish Vibro Worm (softbait)
Savage Gear, Prologic 3D Trout Line Thru (swimbait)
Livingston Stick Master (hardbait, jerkbait)
Livingston Pro Sizzle (stickbait)
Livingston Pro Wake (crankbait)
Livingston Dive Master (crankbait)
Livingston Pro Ripper (crankbait, lipless)
Smith Baitis II (spoon)

Search an item name, a mark, a type:
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