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Lucky Craft B'Freeze | Pointer
star 5/5
Lucky Craft
B'Freeze | Pointer (hardbait, jerkbait)
[48 SP] [48 LB SP | 48 DD] [65 SP] [65 LB SP | 65 DD] [78 SP] plus...
Rapala, Rapala VMC Corp Fat Rap
star 5/5
Rapala, Rapala VMC Corp
Fat Rap (crankbait)
[DRFR-7] [SFR-5] [SFR-7] [FR-5 / FR05] [FR-7] plus...
Megabass Pop X | Pop Max
star 5/5
Pop X | Pop Max (hardbait, popper)
[Baby PopX] [PopX] [PopMax] [PopX SW]
Lucky Craft Sammy
star 5/5
Lucky Craft
Sammy (stickbait)
[65] [85] [100] [115] [128] plus...
Jackall, Illex, Sensas Chubby Minnow
star 5/5
Jackall, Illex, Sensas
Chubby Minnow (hardbait, jerkbait)
[Chubby Minnow 35 SP] [Diving Chubby Minnow 35 SP] [Chubby Minnow 35 S]
Savage Gear, Prologic 4Play
star 4/5
Savage Gear, Prologic
4Play (hardbait, swimbait)
[Swim & Jerk] [Lowrider] [Swim & Jerk] [Liplure] [Lowrider] plus...
Jackall, Illex, Sensas Squirrel
star 4/5
Jackall, Illex, Sensas
Squirrel (longbill minnow)
[Squirrel 61] [Squirrel 76] [DD Squirrel 67] [DD Squirrel 79] [Squirrel 61 Silent] plus...
Lucky Craft Bevy Shad
star 4/5
Lucky Craft
Bevy Shad (hardbait, crankbait, longbill minnow, shad)
[40 SP] [50 F] [50 SP] [60 F] [60 SP] plus...
Ever Green Buzzer Beater
star 4/5
Ever Green
Buzzer Beater (crankbait, lipless)
[Hi-Sound] [Sound of Silence] [Tungsten]
Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap
star 4/5
Bill Lewis
Rat-L-Trap (crankbait, lipless)
[Tiny Trap 1/8 oz] [Mini-Trap 1/4 oz] [Rat-L-Trap 1/2 oz] [Mag-Trap 3/4 oz] [Magnum Force 1 oz] plus...
Imakatsu Waddle Bats
star 4/5
Waddle Bats (hardbait, crankbait)
[Waddle Bats] [Waddle Bats Dive]
Smith D-Contact
star 4/5
D-Contact (hardbait, jerkbait)
[50S] [63S] [72S] [85S] [50HS] plus...
JigWobbler, Wake JigWobbler
star 4/5
JigWobbler, Wake
JigWobbler (hardbait)
[Small] [Medium] [Large]
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