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On this page, here tackle with tag "bladebait".
You can browse parent-types: lame vibrante, wirebait.
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Ecogear, Marukyu VX
star 4/5
Ecogear, Marukyu
VX (bladebait)
[VX 35] [VX 40] [VX 45] [VX 50]
Lucky Craft Spin Board
star 4/5
Lucky Craft
Spin Board (bladebait)
[35] [55 L] [55 H] [70 L] [70 H]
Vertical Feeling V.F. Vib'
star 3/5
Vertical Feeling
V.F. Vib' (bladebait)
[5cm] [5cm] [6cm] [6cm] [6cm]
Izumi Ti-Sing Blade
star 3/5
Ti-Sing Blade (bladebait)
[2.85cm] [3.87cm] [4.5cm] [5.15cm] [6.35cm] plus...
Imakatsu Flappin' Sonic
star 3/5
Flappin' Sonic (bladebait)
[2.5gr] [3.5gr] [7gr] [10.5gr] [14gr]
Viva Kozo Spin
star 2/5
Kozo Spin (in-line spinner, bladebait)
[Kozo Spin] [Kozo Spin 12]
Ecogear, Marukyu ZX
star 0/5
Ecogear, Marukyu
ZX (bladebait)
[3cm] [3.5cm] [4cm]
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