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XPS Lures

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XPS, Bass Pro Shops Suspending Minnow
star 4/5
XPS, Bass Pro Shops
XPS, Bass Pro Shops Static Shad
star 2/5
XPS, Bass Pro Shops
Static Shad (hardbait, crankbait, shad)
[2 3/8"] [2 3/4"]
List XPS series:
XPS, Bass Pro Shops Extreme- Nitro Shallow Crankbait (crankbait)
XPS, Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye - Floating Nitro Minnow (jerkbait, hardbait)
XPS, Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Extreme - Nitro Shad (crankbait)

Last tackle:

Gunki, Pezon & Michel, Sensas G'Bump (swimbait, shad, softbait)
Illex, Sensas Nitro Sprat Shad (swimbait, shad, softbait)
Smith D-Concept (hardbait, jerkbait)
Fish Arrow Motor Shad (shad, softbait)
Fish Arrow Vivid Cruise (softbait, swimbait)
Fish Arrow Airbag Minnow (shad, softbait, worm)
Fish Arrow Airbag Grab (grub)
Fish Arrow Airbag Fly (shad, worm)
Ever Green D Zone TG (spinnerbait)
Ever Green D Zone XX Extreme (spinnerbait)
Ever Green D Zone Power Blade (spinnerbait)
Ever Green Combat Crank Mini (crankbait)

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