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Duo Tide Minnow

Duo Tide Minnow
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Manufacturer's infos:
The wide body of the Tide-Minnow 75S has allowed large tungsten spheres to be installed as the moving weight. We have used two 5mm-diameter tungsten spheres, resulting in the lure’s high castability. Once in the water, this lure has a relatively toned down wobble and roll action, as compared to the wider action of the 90S, for example.
The 75S has been given a thick, short, strong lip, which allows it to be cast further due to its reduced air resistance. The possibility of lip breakage, which is often a problem when fishing from rocky shores, is also greatly reduced. This lure is very productive when the bait-fish are small and also when fishing in the surf during the day

By fitting two tungsten spheres and a fixed weight in a 90mm body, the Tide-Minnow 90S has far greater casting capabilities than one would expect for its body size. This lure is ideal for demanding situations that call for downsizing the lure without sacrificing its casting distance.
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namelengthweighthooksdensitydepthyear country
75S3"5/16oz2 triples ST46 #10sinking1m min2006 jp, fr
90S3 1/2"1/2oz2 triples ST46 #6sinking1m min2005 jp, fr
75F (discontinued)3"floating2000 jp
75CD (discontinued)3"sinking2000 jp, 2006 jp
90 (discontinued)3 1/2"2000 jp
90F (discontinued)3 1/2"floating2000 jp
90CD (discontinued)3 1/2"sinking2000 jp
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Leurre Coulant Duo Tide Minn...7.5Cm
22.30€ 22.30 date: 7/12
Leurre Coulant Duo Tide Minn...- 9Cm
24.90€ 24.90 date: 7/12

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