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Suspending Minnow (XPS, Bass Pro Shops)

Suspending, with rattles.
Gamme Lazer Eye.
XPS, Bass Pro Shops Suspending Minnow
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Manufacturer's infos:
Sculptured, naturally shaped body designs, lifelike 3-D Lazer Eyes, the extra-loud rattles and hot finishes that replicate the natural colorization process (becoming more pronounced in direct sunlight, and somewhat less intense under the surface). All styles are equipped with premium extra-sharp hooks!
Cast it out, crank it down five or six turns, and let it sit. Give it a little jerk or two. Sit. Repeat. We've precisely weighted this lifelike minnow to make it neutrally buoyant, so it'll stay in the strike zone all the way in—and added extra-loud rattles so anything lurking nearby won't miss a beat. Wham!
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