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Molix Supernato
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Molix Supernato is a hybrid crankbait offering a whole new level of versatility. The idea was to have a crankbait that you can use inside heavy cover and thick vegetation as well as open water, and that also works at a variety of depths (depending on retrieve speed). Created with the best materials and assembled by hand, piece-by-piece by selected craftsmen, it is built with two different sections – one hard and one soft. Available in several colors, the Molix Supernato was developed by Molix, a cutting-edge lure company from Italy, which boasts a pro staff including the likes of Bassmaster Elite Series veterans. The Supernato is coated with a special film that provides the bait with a very realistic skin effect.
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namelengthweightyear country
Supernato Baby1 3/4"3/8ozus, it, fr
Supernato 702 3/4"3/4ozus, it, 2012 fr
Best prices for Molix Supernato:
13.90€ 13.90 date: 12/15
supernato baby-daddy Bass
13.95€ 13.95 date: 12/15
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supernato baby-rainforest Frog
13.95€ 13.95 date: 12/15
14.90€ 14.90 date: 12/15
Leurre De Peche Supernato Modèle: 90
13.59€ 15.63 +15% date: 12/15
supernato-daddy Bass
15.99€ 15.99 date: 12/15
Molix Supernato artificielle...
19.57€ 19.57 date: 12/15
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Molix Supernato artificielle...
19.57€ 19.57 date: 12/15
Baby Supernato Artificielle
13.70€ 13.70 date: 12/15
Supernato artificiel
14.65€ 14.65 date: 12/15

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