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MegaStrike StrikeBack
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Manufacturer's infos:
The StrikeBack™ spinnerbait allows for a much deeper hookset than standard spinnerbaits because of the freedom in movement of the hook. No matter what direction a fish attacks the StrikeBack™, the hook or tail section will move freely as it is being inhaled.

There are several reasons why we designed the StrikeBack™ mid section to be jointed. First for a vibration effect. With the head being stationary and the tail section being loose, the bait will vibrate more than a solid bodied spinner bait. This will be detected by the fish's lateral line. Making it easier to detect in low light or dirty water conditions. When a fish inhales a standard spinner bait, it must move the whole spinner bait in order to get the tail section or hook into its mouth. With the StrikeBack™ Spinnerbait the tail section swings freely 180 degrees and the fish inhales just the hook section into its mouth. . When the bass gets hookedit will instinctively jump to try to dislodge the bait from its mouth. If the bait is in one piece and is stationary, this allows the bait to have the leverage to be thrown, therefore resulting in heartbreak and another sad story. With the StrikeBack™ Spinnerbait the tail section swivels alleviating the leverage the fish and the bait have from being thrown or dislodged. What this results in is more caught fish. The StrikeBack™ Spinnerbaits are built with the highest quality components made
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