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Manufacturer's infos:
Swimbaits continue to leave a major footprint on the fishing industry, and River2Sea’s new S–Waver is set to make her mark. Featuring a natural “S–Action” swimming motion, S–Waver will seductively wake the surface and call big gamefish in for a closer look. Hold your rod tip up and S–Waver is a surface lure, allow the bait to slowly sink and the S–Action continues under water. The S–Action swimming motion is created by River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge and accentuated by her soft PVC tail. That seductive wake will only be interrupted by the explosion of a massive strike.
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namelengthweightdepthyear country
120S4 3/4"3/4oz0.3m maxau, fr, us
168S7"1 5/8oz0.3m maxau, fr, us
200S8"3.5ozau, fr, us
Best prices for River2Sea S-Waver:
RIVER2SEA Leurre De Surface ... 12cm
12.86€ 12.86 date: 8/19
RIVER2SEA leurre s-Waver 20cm
18.71€ 18.71 date: 8/19
RIVER2SEA Poisson Nageur De ...r 200
18.71€ 18.71 date: 8/19
RIVER2SEA Pl-sw168s/SW01 S-Waver
26.89€ 24.07 -10% date: 8/19
River2Sea Pl-sw168s/Sw17 S-waver
26.89€ 24.07 -10% date: 8/19
RIVER2SEA Pl-sw168s/Sw21 S-waver
27.30€ 24.31 -11% date: 8/19
River2Sea Pl-sw168s/Sw06 S-waver
24.93€ 24.32 -2% date: 8/19
River2Sea Pl-sw168s/Multimed...waver
27.22€ 24.39 -10% date: 8/19

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