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Tiemco Riot Blade

Tiemco Riot Blade
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Manufacturer's infos:
Innovative Snagless Spin Tail Jigs

Riot Blade

No more fear of losing lures!? Innovative snagless tail spin jig, Riot Blade, features two arms like a crank bait’s lip and you would be surprised how well these perform to avoid snagging. With its outstanding castability even in strong winds, Riot Blade is an invincible search lure especially for bank fishermen to fish in extensive area. Furthermore the built-in swivel system is intended to maximize blade vibrations. With such fine vibrations, Riot Blade ideally matches with various water conditions from clear to muddy. Available in 3 sizes (5g, 9g, 14g).

5g: 20mm, Sinking
9g: 25mm, Sinking
14g: 30mm, Sinking
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namelengthweighthooksdensityyear country
3/4"3/16oz1 triplesinkingjp, 2020 fr
1"5/16oz1 triplesinkingjp, 2020 fr
1 1/4"1/2oz1 triplesinkingjp, 2020 fr
Best prices for Tiemco Riot Blade:
Leurre Coulant Tiemco Riot B...- 3Cm
13.49€ 13.49 date: 3/3
Leurre Coulant Tiemco Riot B...- 2Cm
13.49€ 13.49 date: 3/3
Leurre Coulant Tiemco Riot B...2.5Cm
13.49€ 13.49 date: 3/3

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