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Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Trout

Fox Rage, Fox Replicant Realistic Trout
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namelengthweighthooksdensityyear country
Replicant Realistic Trout - lien materiel
4"3/4ozsinking2019 eu
6"1.9ozsinking2019 eu
7"3.4ozsinking2019 eu
9"5.5ozsinking2019 eu
Replicant Realistic Trout Shallow - lien materiel
7"2.5oz2 triplessinking2020 eu
9"4.6oz2 triplessinking2020 eu
This item is contained into a serie:
Fox Rage, Fox Replicant Realistic Serie (swimbait, softbait)
Best prices for Fox Rage, Fox Replicant Realistic Trout:
Leurre Souple Arme Fox Rage ...Trout
5.99€ 5.99 date: 10/31
Fox Rage Realistic Trout Rep... 10cm
9.90€ 9.90 date: 10/31
Leurre Souple Arme Fox Rage ... 18Cm
12.99€ 12.99 date: 10/31

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