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Rapala Rattlin' Rap

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Manufacturer's infos:
Sound frequencies that are harmonic, uniform and “in tune” with nature combined with the legendary Rapala “wobble” is what make this lure so effective. Rip it fast or run it slow.
Classic Lipless Design
Unique Rattle Chamber
Balanced Design
VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested
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namelengthweightdensityyear country
RNR041 1/2"3/16ozsinkingus, fr
RNR052"3/8ozsinkingus, fr
RNR072 3/4"1/2ozsinkingus, fr
RNR083 1/4"3/4ozsinkingus, fr
Best prices for Rapala, Rapala VMC Corp Rattlin' Rap:
Rapala Rattlin 05 Leurre de ...
17.67€ 17.48 -1% date: 5/18
Rapala Rattlin 05 Leurre de ...
17.67€ 17.48 -1% date: 5/18

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