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OSP Jig Zero Three Hunts
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Manufacturer's infos:
O.S.P JIG ZERO THREE ”HUNTS” was developed to winch big bass from high pressure field. Finesse jig is quite practical lure because it can elicit bite of big bass. Finesse jigs of O.S.P are always ready for sudden attack of big bass. So they are all heavy duty. Also they have “tempting performance” and “hooking performance”. “Tempting performance” breaks hesitation of bass that is about to bite and “hooking performance” never let bass go when they bite. Plus, they have snagless performance which makes subtle approach possible and prevent from hanging. Main concept of O.S.P JIG ZERO THREE”HUNTS” is the perfect fusion of these performances. The balance of unique head shape and rear line eye can keep horizontal posture and correspond to subtle temptation, so bass does not become suspicious. Once you get a bite, semi-long shank catches the jaw of bass firmly, because it is specially selected for hooking. “O.S.P JIG ZERO THREE”HUNTS” brushed up only the performance required at the field. It eliminated decoration for eye-catching, but only sought for performance to elicit bass and catch them. The real standard to elicit and catch experienced bass. That is “HUNTS”
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