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Babyface JB

Babyface JB
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Manufacturer's infos:
Euro Jerk Bait has a big potential in many fields in the world.

babyface put JAPAN DNA into this Euro Jerk Bait and came up with this aggressive appearance and perfect body design. The Anglers’ motivation hit the peak having this in hands.

Maximization in Functionality by Engineering

The casting distance is unbelievable thanks to lipless and unique form + 75g weight. Also, the calculated horizontal sinking speed is achieved by babyface engineering.

The biggest characteristics of JB150-S, sharp side flapping jerk action, comes from the 150mm distinctive flat body and the low center of gravity weight that almost sticks out of the body bottom.

Amazing depth range keeping ability. High controllability of side by side jumping distance of jerk action.

All these incredible dart action and straight retrieve S-shaped swimming action make predator fish crazy.

Strong Setting

Wire through construction and strong hook setting to take monster fish.

Feel the unique evolution of Euro Jerk bait by babyface.
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namelengthweighthooksdensityyear country
JB150-S6"2.6oz2 triples #1/0sinking2020 jp, 2020 fr
Best prices for Babyface JB:
Leurre Coulant Babyface Jb15... 15Cm
23.00€ 23.00 date: 7/2

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