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Duo Grace Minnow

Trout serie/saumon.
wood construction.
Duo Grace Minnow
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Elena 50/70 are highly responsive minnows, with buoyant bodies. A fast swimming response created by the ultra-thin lip and lightweight body will lure fish in technical and difficult areas. The lip is made of strong material and is thin and long enough for the lure’s range to be easily controllable by varying the rod position.

The small splash the lure makes when entering the water and the natural action of its light body draw out even the timid fish.

The 70F is especially designed for ‘hard twitching’ in fast flowing rivers. With these lures the angler can trace the most productive line to efficiently draw out the game fish.

Due to the circuit board material for the lip, please tune the eye frequently.

The Grace Minnow Elena 110/130 was created for the highly active Masu Salmon.

A slim design with internal body reduced to a bare minimum. A specially designed vacuum compartment secures the buoyancy and strength necessary for these slim minnows.

We fixed the weight - made of environment-friendly tin - in the lower part of the body to give a low center of gravity and as well as a good action response. The light weight and super-strong lip made of 0.6mm thick titanium gives the lure a prompt initial swimming response as well as swimming consistency even in strong and complicated river flows.

The 110F has an extremely stable swimming response, allowing high speed twitching in strong rapids.

The 130F features a consistently superior combination of castability and swimming response. It is more castable than a balsa minnow, yet more responsive than an injection minnow.
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namelengthweighthooksyear country
50F2"3/32oz2 triples ST36BC #14jp, fr
70F2 3/4"1/8oz2 triples ST36BC #10jp, fr
110F4 1/4"1/4oz2 triples ST36BC #6jp, fr
130F5"5/16oz3 triples ST36BC #82007 jp, fr
120 (discontinued)4 3/4"1997 jp
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