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Pontoon 21 CrackJack

Trout serie.
F=floating, SP=Suspending.
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Manufacturer's infos:
The body design and MFB System provide super-long castability of CrackJack – maybe the longest one among all lures existing at the market today! All Pontoon21 lures have a very high stability in any kinds of water conditions, but CrackJack is unique even in Pontoon21 range. Add to this the highest responsibility to the slightest rod's moving – and it becomes clear that now you have full control over the lure's game.

MFB System (Magnetic Force Balance). During casting the moving internal ball of MFB System moves to the tail of lure for achieving super-long casting distance. At line retrieving the ball is fixed with the magnet at the position, which provides excellent internal balance at any kinds of lure's manipulation...
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namelengthweighthooksdepthyear country
38 F-SR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples Owner0.6m maxua
38 F-MR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples Owner0.8m maxua
38 F-DR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples Owner1.2m maxua
38 SP-SR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples Owner0.6m envua
38 SP-MR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples Owner0.8m envua
38 SP-DR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples Owner1.2m envua
48 F-SR2"1/8oz2 triples Owner1m maxua
48 F-MR2"1/8oz2 triples Owner1.7m maxua
48 F-DR2"1/8oz2 triples Owner2m maxua
48 SP-SR2"1/8oz2 triples Owner1.2m envua
48 SP-MR2"1/8oz2 triples Owner1.7m envua
48 SP-DR2"1/8oz2 triples Owner2m envua
58 F-SR2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples Owner1m maxua
58 F-MR2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples Owner1.7m maxua
58 F-DR2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples Owner2.5m maxua
58 SP-SR2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples Owner1m envua
58 SP-MR2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples Owner1.7m envua
58 SP-DR2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples Owner2.5m envua
Best prices for Pontoon 21 CrackJack:
ponton 21 Crackjack 78sp SR, 317
12.94€ 12.94 date: 2/23
Pontoon 21 Crack Jack 9.8cm ...pendu
14.12€ 14.12 date: 2/23

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