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Big Hammer Big Hammer Swimbait

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Manufacturer's infos:
Created in 1993, Big Hammer swimbaits, or "Hammers" as they are affectionately called, are easily recognized by the original Big Hammer Square Tail™ design. This unique Square Tail combined with hydrodynamic body designs create an unparalleled vibrant swimming action - even at very slow retrieve speeds. Using the finest quality plastic available creates a bait that is not only looks great but also has the perfect balance between durability and action. Freshwater or saltwater - tie one on and see for yourself how "Nothing kicks like the tail of a Big Hammer".

The 3 inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is the "catch anything" swimbait. Or, the "catch anything swimbait as long as it's relatively shallow" swimbait. It is the swimbait of choice when fishing small bodies of water, shallow areas, or simply covering water and looking for fish. Whether you are targeting smaller fish or trying to match small prey that larger fish are feeding on - from a bluegill to yellowtail, this bait will catch, and has caught, them all. On a 1/4 oz. jig head it is a perfect shallow water bass lure that is great for covering a lot of water and subtle depth changes at the same time with one bait. In addition to freshwater bass, it is an excellent bait for inshore saltwater fishing on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S. In the West it is one of the most popular baits for inshore halibut and surf perch, the occasional White Seabass, and one of the "go to" baits for Spotted Bay Bass. On the East it has proven itself as an excellent soft plastic bait for trout and redfish.

The 4 inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is known as the best "swimming" of all the Big Hammer swimbaits and is the ideal size for trying swimbaits on nearly all bodies of water. In addition to it's size, another thing that makes the 4 inch Big Hammer swimbait so versatile is that it can be rigged on a wide range of Hammer Head jig head sizes that have a 4/0 hook. From the 3/8 oz. 4/0 which is perfect for shallower areas or when a slower fall is desired. To 1.5 oz. 4/0 for deep water, heavy currents, pitching through holes, crawling down steep ledges, swimming over the top of deep structure, fishing the slide, and trolling. On a lighter jig head such as the 3/8 oz. 4/0 the action is enhanced further due to the protruding edges of the front of the swimbait when rigged. These edges act like the lip of a crankbait making it perfect for bass fishing in a wide variety of conditions. Almost like a crankbait that can be fished at nearly every depth. For sound a glass rattle can be used. The 4" Hammer is small enough for most gamefish to eat. But, if the target species are smaller fish such as perch, sunfish, or bass in a small pond, or if the bait fish in the area are small, the 3" Hammer would be the place to start.

The 5 inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is the most popular of all the Big Hammer™ swimbait sizes. Originally designed for calico bass fishing off the coast of Southern California and Baja Mexico, the 5" Hammer proves daily that not only is it one of the best lures for calico bass but it is an excellent lure for nearly all species that inhabit the inshore and offshore waters of the West Coast. It is also a great freshwater bass bait with an 18 lb. largemouth and 8 lb. spotted bass to it's credit.

The 5½ inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is the newest size in the Big Hammer™ line-up. Designed by anglers on a long range trip by cutting and melting baits together and then refined using theories of aerodynamics to achieve the best "swimming" action possible with a soft plastic lure. The action of the 5½" Hammer combines a very erratic tail action with an almost unbelievably realistic body wiggle. An excellent bait for calico bass fishing the 5½" Hammer has already broken the previous known Big Hammer™ calico bass record with a 12 lb. giant caught near Catalina Island. The long slender slender profile of the 5½ inch swimbait makes it the perfect choice for boiler rock calico bass fishing. On the East Coast the 5½" Hammer is quickly proving itself as a great striped bass lure. In freshwater it is finding it's way into the tackle boxes of walleye, pike and musky anglers both in the U.S. and Europe.

The 6½ inch Big Hammer™ swimbait is the second largest size in the Big Hammer™ line-up. In the saltwater scene it is a very popular bait among calico and striped bass anglers. In the West Coast freshwater scene it is used quite often in the trout colors for big largemouth bass and landlocked striped bass. The 6½" Hammer is also a favorite among pike and musky anglers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Designed to fish shallow inshore structure where big, mean "boiler bass" call home. The long skinny design of the 9" Sledge Hammer imitates the large bait fish such as smelt and mackerel that are frequently found in these "skinny water" areas. Basically just an elongated version of Big Hammer's 5½" Hammer, the new Sledge Hammer has proven to be much more versatile than originally planned. It swims very well on the sink or drop making it a good deeper water bait as well. In addition to that it can be rigged weedless (click on thumbnail to the right) with a wide gap hook and with the tail intact or as a slug with the tail removed.
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