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Sakura Reels

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Sakura, Sert Alpax SW
star 4/5
Sakura, Sert
Alpax SW (spinning reel)
[4508 SW] [8508 SW]
Sakura, Sert Wombat PWR
star 2/5
Sakura, Sert
Sakura, Sert Tsubaki FD
star 2/5
Sakura, Sert
Tsubaki FD (spinning reel)
[Tsubaki 504 FD] [Tsubaki 1007 FD] [Tsubaki 2507 FD]
Sakura, Sert Ginaka FD
star 2/5
Sakura, Sert
Ginaka FD (spinning reel)
[GINAKA 2007 FD] [GINAKA 4007 FD]
Sakura, Sert Lomax FD
star 0/5
Sakura, Sert
Lomax FD (spinning reel)
[2004 FD] [4004 FD]
Sakura, Sert Wombat R
star 2/5
Sakura, Sert
Sakura, Sert Kuanza
star 0/5
Sakura, Sert
Sakura, Sert Furyo FD
star 2/5
Sakura, Sert
Furyo FD (spinning reel)
[FURYO 809 FD] [FURYO 2009 FD]
List Sakura series:
Sakura, Sert Oxio (casting reel)
Sakura, Sert Wombat (Serie) (casting reel)

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