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Stradic FI (discontinued) - Shimano, Shimano Inc
Modèle US & France.
Saltwater protected.
front drag.
Shimano, Shimano Inc Stradic FI
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Manufacturer's infos:
A true superstar of the Shimano threadline lineup, the Stradic series has been given a complete makeover, in addition to the introduction of another size, the 3000.
The Stradic FI makes use of Shimano's Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement for increased operating life, the Propulsion Line Management System that permits greater casting distance with less effort, while Aerowrap II lays the line neatly on the spool without any dips or hills. It utilises Shimano's SR Concept with an SR-3D gear and SR One Piece Bail Wire.
The sideplate and rotor are graphite, the body aluminium, the handle machined aluminium with a direct drive handle that screws directly into the main gear, and is finished off with Septon grips.
Five SA-RB and one roller bearing enhance the smooth performance, as does Fluidrive II, Dyna-balance and Super Stopper II.
The waterproof drag on all models can really put the heat on a big fish, with even the tiny 1000FI being able to shovel on seven pounds of stopping power and the 8000FI an incredible 29 pounds.
To round out this beautifully engineered reel range, you also get a spare aluminium spool.
Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement
Propulsion Line Management System
Aerowrap II Oscillation
SR Concept
S A-RB (Shielded A-RB Bearings)
Aluminium Frame
Aluminium Spool
Spare Aluminium Spool
Septon Handle Grips
WP Drag (Waterproof Drag)
Maintenance Port
Fluidrive II
Super Stopper II
Repairable Clicker
Stopperless Design (6000 & 8000 only)
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nameratio / crankweightbearingscapacitybrakeyear country
1000 FI (discontinued)6.0:1 29"/pc7.4oz5+16lb/100m2kg2007 us, fr
2500 FI (discontinued)6.0:1 33"/pc9.5oz5+110lb/110m4kg2007 us, fr
4000 FI (discontinued)5.8:1 35"/pc11.6oz5+112lb/150m5kg2007 us, fr
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Shimano, Shimano Inc Stradic (spinning reel)
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