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Bass Pro Shops Extreme

Extreme (discontinued) - Bass Pro Shops
Dual Brake System (centrifuge et magnétique).
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Bass Pro Shops Extreme
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Manufacturer's infos:
Tournament-proven Dual Braking System™
Double-anodized V-grooved spool is free-floating
4-disc Aramid fiber/Stainless steel washer drag system
One-piece cast, then CNC-machined aluminum frame
Easy-access sideplate with push-button release
Titanium nitride-coated line guide
7-bearing system
Recurve handle
Click drag star
The most advanced Extreme ever is poised to take the fishing industry by storm! We’ve retained everything that makes it one of the most popular and reliable reels in our lineup, and added features that put it into a class well above its modest price point! Stacy King himself tested this reel under the most rigorous conditions for a year and a half before we decided to release it, and he gives it top marks for performance, durability, and extreme fish-dominating power!

We’ve upgraded the Extreme with our tournament-proven Dual Braking System™—the combination of the automatic centrifugal brake and the manually adjustable magnetic brake controls the initial, intermediary, and final stage of the cast to give you a perfect landing every time. The double-anodized V-grooved spool is free-floating for virtually zero friction, and ported for additional weight reduction. And our new drag is truly a breakthrough—the 4-disc Aramid fiber/Stainless steel washer drag system smoothly exerts resistance of up to 12 lbs. on the meanest, hardest-fighting fish, while at the same time dissipating heat better than anything we’ve ever seen…resulting in the most powerful, longest-lasting, stick-free drag you’ve ever experienced in a baitcast reel!

Other standard features include one-piece cast, then CNC-machined aluminum frame; easy-access sideplate with push-button release for ease of maintenance; titanium nitride-coated line guide; 7-bearing system (six premium double-shielded stainless steel plus one Powerlock™ instant anti-reverse); Recurve handle; and click drag star.

One-piece aluminum frame:
The one-piece frame is diecast using cutting edge molding technology, then CNC machined to the tightest tolerances to provide a flex-free housing for gears and bearings.

Recurve Handle:
Pairs with a sleek drag star to create a more compact profile with greater comfort.

Aramid Fiber/Stainless Steel Drag Stack:
Aramid fiber is a profoundly durable synthetic material that is highly resistant to abrasion, organic solvents, and impervious to heat up to 930°F! Its other uses include body armor fabric for our troops.

DBS (Dual Braking System):
Re-engineered with our pro-grade system that combines centrifugal and magnetic braking technology to give you trouble-free casting!
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nameratio / crankweightbearingscapacityyear country
ETX10SC (discontinued)5.4:1 8.6oz4+1frein centrifugeus
ETX10SLC (discontinued)5.4:1 8.6oz4+1frein centrifugeus
ETX10HC (discontinued)6.4:1 8.6oz4+1frein centrifugeus
ETX10HLC (discontinued)6.4:1 8.6oz4+1frein centrifugeus
ETX10SH (discontinued)7.1:1 8.6oz4+1frein centrifugeus
ETX10HFA (discontinued)6.4:1 8.6oz4+1flipping, frein centrifugeus
ETX20HA (discontinued)6.4:1 8.8oz4+1wide spool, frein centrifugeus
EXT10SHA / EXT10SHLA (discontinued)7.1:1 27"/pc7.2oz6+112lb/110mus
EXT10HA / EXT10HLA (discontinued)6.3:1 24"/pc7.2oz6+112lb/110mus
EXT10SA (discontinued)5.3:1 20"/pc7.2oz6+112lb/110mus
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