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Okuma Ceymar XT

CXT = front drag, CXTR = rear drag.
Okuma Ceymar XT
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Manufacturer's infos:
Okuma Ceymar XT spinning reels feature cyclonic flow rotor design Increase air flow through the ported rotor, minimizing water intrusion and corrosion. The precision elliptical gearing system creates less friction during casting for increased distance, greater accuracy, and longer line life, as well as smoother, much uniform drag pressures. The Ceymar XT series includes front drag and rear drag type with extra spool.

- Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag system
- 7BB+1RB for ultimate smoothness, 6BB+1RB on size10
- Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
- Precision machine cut brass pinion gear
- Corrosion-resistant graphite body
- Rigid, forged zinc, black anodized handle design
- Light weight, TPE handle knobs for comfort
- Precision Elliptical Gearing system
- Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool
- Heavy duty, solid aluminum bail wire
- RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System
- Line control system on the spool for better line casting
- Alum handle with EVA knob
- Plastic line clip
- Spare alum spool
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nameratio / crankweightbearingscapacitybrakeyear country
CXT-105.0:1 21"/pc6oz6BB+1RB0.16/115m3kgtw
CXT-255.0:1 25"/pc8oz7BB+1RB0.25/110m3kgtw
CXT-305.0:1 25"/pc8.2oz7BB+1RB0.30/100m3kgtw
CXT-355.0:1 30"/pc9.5oz7BB+1RB0.35/100m6kgtw
CXT-405.0:1 30"/pc10oz7BB+1RB0.35/125m6kgtw
CXT-554.5:1 31"/pc14.2oz7BB+1RB0.40/185m9kgtw
CXT-654.8:1 38"/pc20.7oz7BB+1RB0.50/160m11kgtw
CXTR-30MS6.2:1 25"/pc8oz7BB+1RB0.18/150m3kgtw
CXTR-305.0:1 25"/pc8.2oz7BB+1RB0.30/100m3kgtw
CXTR-40MS6.2:1 30"/pc9.5oz7BB+1RB0.25/80m6kgtw
CXTR-405.0:1 30"/pc10oz7BB+1RB0.35/125m6kgtw
Best prices for Okuma Ceymar XT:
Okuma Ceymar CXT-25
42.00€ 42.00 date: 12/7
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Okuma Ceymar CXT-30
42.00€ 42.00 date: 12/7
Okuma Ceymar CXT-35
44.00€ 44.00 date: 12/7
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Okuma Ceymar CXT-40
44.00€ 44.00 date: 12/7
Okuma Ceymar XT Moulinet Fd
48.50€ 49.37 +2% date: 12/7
Moulinets Okuma Ceymar Xt
44.95€ 44.95 date: 12/7
Moulinets Okuma Ceymar Xt
55.95€ 55.95 date: 12/7
Okuma Rolle Ceymar XT Gr. 40
65.74€ 65.74 date: 12/7
44.45€ 71.95 +62% date: 12/7
OKUMA Ceymar XT Match CXTM-3...7+1bb
74.33€ 74.06 date: 12/7
Okuma Rolle Ceymar XT Gr. 10
49.95€ 79.02 +58% date: 12/7
OKUMA Ceymar XT Match CXTM-4...7+1bb
80.54€ 80.24 date: 12/7
50.47€ 51.13€ +1% date: 12/7
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