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Rods - casting rod

On this page, here tackle with tag "casting rod".

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Deps Sidewinder
star 4/5
Sidewinder (spinning rod, casting rod)
[The Dom Driver HGC-80XR] [The Boa Constrictor HGC-77XS] [The Slap Shot HGC-76XX] [The Super Border HGC-70XF] [The Out Cross HGC-67XR] plus...
Daiwa Steez
star 4/5
Steez (spinning rod, casting rod)
[631 LFB-LM Lightning II] [641 LXB-ST Hermit] [631 MLFB-SV Skyray] [651 MLRB Blitz] [681 MLFB-LM Lightning] plus...
Smith Bay Liner Boron
star 4/5
Bay Liner Boron (spinning rod, casting rod)
[70 ML] [76 M] [78 MH] [C 69] [C 72] plus...
Palms, Angler's Republic Molla
star 4/5
Palms, Angler's Republic
Molla (spinning rod, casting rod)
[MGC-66ULXF] [MGC-67LXF/MGC-67L2XF] [MGC-62MLF] [MGC-65MLF/MGC-65ML2F] [MGC-63MF/MGC-63M2F] plus...
G Loomis, Shimano Inc GLX
star 4/5
G Loomis, Shimano Inc
GLX (spinning rod, casting rod)
[GLX 802C JWR] [GLX 803C JWR] [GLX 804C JWR] [GLX 805C JWR] [GLX 852C JWR] plus...
Zenaq Spirado
star 4/5
Spirado (spinning rod, casting rod)
[B1-60] [B2-63] [B2.5-66] [B3-66] [B3-70] plus...
Airrus X-Entity
star 4/5
X-Entity (spinning rod, casting rod)
[XE-S661-MF] [XE-S721-MLXF] [XE-C701-MMF] [XE-C731-MHMF] [XE-C731-HXF] plus...
Major Craft Volkey
star 4/5
Major Craft
Volkey (spinning rod, casting rod)
[VKC-65ML/652ML] [VKC-63M/632M] [VKC-66M/662M] [VKC-66MH/662MH] [VKC-69MH/692MH] plus...
G Loomis, Shimano Inc NRX Bass
star 4/5
G Loomis, Shimano Inc
NRX Bass (spinning rod, casting rod)
[NRX 802C JWR] [NRX 803C JWR] [NRX 804C JWR] [NRX 852C JWR] [NRX 853C JWR] plus...
Shimano, Shimano Inc Stradic
star 4/5
Shimano, Shimano Inc
Stradic (spinning rod, casting rod)
[SSTR71M] [SSTR71MH] [SSTR81M] [SSTR81MH] [CSTR66ML] plus...
St Croix LegendXtreme
star 4/5
St Croix
LegendXtreme (spinning rod, casting rod)
[LXS59MXF] [LXS63MXF] [LXS68MXF] [LXS610MLXF] [LXS610MXF] plus...
Hart, Clee Virux
star 4/5
Hart, Clee
Virux (spinning rod, casting rod)
[DHVC601MH] [DHVC661H] [DHVC751XH] [DHVC681XX] [DHVS601ML] plus...
Deps Huge Custom
star 4/5
Huge Custom (casting rod)
[Huge Custom H3S-81RF] [Huge Custom H3S-76RF] [Huge Custom H2S-75RF] [Huge Custom H3S-73RF/FE] [Huge Custom H3N-62F]
Megabass Pagani Graphite
star 4/5
Pagani Graphite (spinning rod, casting rod)
[F0-60Xp Elese] [F1-60Xp Therese] [F2-66Xp Chaparral] [F0-60Xp] [F1-60Xp] plus...
Major Craft MS-X
star 4/5
Major Craft
MS-X (spinning rod, casting rod)
[MXC-64UL/BF] [MXC-65L/BF] [MXC-68ML/BF] [MXC-69M/BF] [MXC-65ML] plus...
13 Fishing Omen Black
star 4/5
13 Fishing
Omen Black (spinning rod, casting rod)
[OBS63M] [OBS67M] [OBS67ML] [OBSA67MH] [OBSA610L] plus...
Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport Butch Light Xlnt2
star 4/5
Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport
Butch Light Xlnt2 (casting rod)
[6’9’’] [6’9’’] [6’9’’] [8’6”] [9´]
Zenaq Snipe
star 4/5
Snipe (spinning rod, casting rod)
[S76X (YSG/K/RG)] [B76XXX Ainame] [S78XX (K/RG)]
St Croix Avid Pearl
star 4/5
St Croix
Avid Pearl (spinning rod, casting rod)
[APS60LF] [APS63MLXF] [APS66MLF] [APS66MLF2] [APS68MXF] plus...
Megabass Destroyer X7
star 4/5
Destroyer X7 (casting rod)
[F2-63X7 Super Criffhanger] [F2.1/2-66X7 The "Shading-X] [F3-69X7 Super Eiger] [F4-68X7 Cyclone Advantage] [F4-611X7 Super Elseil] plus...
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