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Fuji guides K.
handle cork/EVA.
. VK code modèle
. C=casting, S=spinning
. taille en pieds / pouces
. 2=2brins sinon modèle monobrin
. puissance.
Major Craft Volkey
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Manufacturer's infos:
We loaded freely the latest spec into the cook and stylish exterior. All is for making your mind aggressive and maximizing your potential.
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namelengthactionsectionspowerlineyear country
VKC-65ML/652ML6' 5"reg-fast1 / 23/16-1/2oz8-14lbcastingjp
VKC-63M/632M6' 3"regular1 / 21/4-3/4oz10-16lbcastingjp
VKC-66M/662M6' 6"regular1 / 21/4-3/4oz10-16lbcastingjp
VKC-66MH/662MH6' 6"fast1 / 21/4-1oz12-20lbcastingjp
VKC-69MH/692MH6' 9"fast1 / 21/4-1oz12-20lbcastingjp
VKC-70H/702H7' 12"reg-fast1 / 23/8-1 1/2oz12-25lbcastingjp
VKC-70X/702X7' 12"regular1 / 23/8-3oz14-30lbcastingjp
VKS-63UL/632UL6' 3"ex-fast1 / 21/16-1/4oz3-7lbspinningjp
VKS-60L/602L6' fast1 / 21/16-1/4oz4-8lbspinningjp
VKS-63L/632L6' 3"fast1 / 21/16-1/4oz4-8lbspinningjp
VKS-66L/662L6' 6"fast1 / 21/16-1/4oz4-8lbspinningjp
VKS-63ML/632ML6' 3"fast1 / 21/8-3/8oz5-10lbspinningjp
VKS-66ML/662ML6' 6"fast1 / 21/8-3/8oz5-10lbspinningjp
VKC-70ML/BL7' 12"regular13/16-1/2oz8-14lbbig lake custom castingjp
VKC-70M/BL7' 12"reg-fast11/4-3/4oz10-16lbbig lake custom casting2011 jp
VKC-70MH/BL7' 12"fast11/4-1oz12-20lbbig lake custom casting2011 jp
VKC-70H/BL7' 12"reg-fast13/8-1 1/2oz12-25lbbig lake custom casting2011 jp
VKC-76H/BL7' 6"reg-fast13/8-1 1/2oz12-25lbbig lake custom casting2011 jp
VKC-76X/BL7' 6"reg-fast13/8-3oz14-30lbbig lake custom casting2011 jp
VKC-70FR/BL FROG- tune7' 12"regular slow11/4-2oz14-30lb PE40-60lbbig lake custom castingjp
VKC-76ALB/BL Alabama- tune7' 6"regular slow11/2-3oz14-30lb PE40-60lbbig lake custom castingjp
VKS-69UL/BL6' 9"fast1/16-1/4oz3-7lbbig lake custom spinningjp
VKS-70L/BL7' 12"fast11/16-1/4oz4-8lbbig lake custom spinning2011 jp
VKS-70ML/BL7' 12"fast11/8-3/8oz5-10lbbig lake custom spinning2012 jp
VKS-70M/BL7' 12"fast13/16-1/2oz6-12lbbig lake custom spinning2011 jp
VKC-69XUL/BFS & 692XUL/BFS6' regular1 / 21/16-1/4oz3-8lbbait finess systemjp
VKC-65UL/BFS/652UL/BFS6' 5"reg-fast1 / 21/16-1/4oz3-10lbbait finess system2012 jp
VKC-68L/BFS/682L/BFS6' 8"reg-fast1 / 21/16-1/4oz4-12lbbait finess system2012 jp
VKC-69ML/BFS/692ML/BFS6' 9"ex-fast1 / 21/16-3/8oz4-14lbbait finess system2012 jp
VKS-S64UL/SFS & S642UL/SFS6' 4"ex-fast1 / 21/32-3/16oz2-5lbSuper Finesse Solidjp
VKS-S68L/SFS & S682L/SFS6' 8"ex-fast1 / 21/32-1/4oz2-6lbSuper Finesse Solidjp
VKC-762M7' 6"regular21/4-3/4oz10-16lbOver Sevenjp
VKC-782MH7' 8"reg-fast21/4-1oz12-20lbOver Sevenjp
VKC-762H7' 6"reg-fast23/8-1oz12-25lbOver Sevenjp
VKS-722UL7' 2"fast21/16-1/4oz3-7lbOver Sevenjp
VKS-742L7' 4"reg-fast21/16-1/4oz4-8lbOver Sevenjp
VKS-762ML7' 6"reg-fast21/8-3/8oz5-10lbOver Sevenjp
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223.95€ 223.95 date: 7/16

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