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Shimano Technium DF AX

Shimano, Shimano Inc Technium DF AX
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Manufacturer's infos:
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namelengthweightsectionsguidespoweryear country
STECDFAX180L (discontinued)6' 11"4.3oz271/8-3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX210UL (discontinued)7' 11"5.2oz271/16-3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX210ML (discontinued)7' 11"5.2oz273/16-3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX210M (discontinued)7' 11"5.4oz273/8-1 1/16ozspinningfr
STECDFAX240UL (discontinued)8' 10"5.9oz271/16-3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX240L (discontinued)8' 10"5.8oz271/8-3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX240ML (discontinued)8' 10"6oz273/16-3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX240M (discontinued)8' 10"6.1oz273/8-1 1/16ozspinningfr
STECDFAX240MH (discontinued)8' 10"6.1oz271/2-1 3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX240H (discontinued)8' 10"6.4oz273/4-1 3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX270L (discontinued)9' 10"6.2oz271/8-3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX270ML (discontinued)9' 10"6.6oz273/16-3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX270M (discontinued)9' 10"6.9oz273/8-1 1/16ozspinningfr
STECDFAX270MH (discontinued)9' 10"7oz271/2-1 3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX270H (discontinued)9' 10"7.3oz273/4-1 3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX300L (discontinued)10' 10"7.3oz271/8-3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX300ML (discontinued)10' 10"7.4oz273/16-3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX300M (discontinued)10' 10"7.5oz273/8-1 1/16ozspinningfr
STECDFAX300MH (discontinued)10' 10"8.1oz271/2-1 3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX300H (discontinued)10' 10"8.5oz273/4-1 3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX300XH (discontinued)10' 10"9oz271 3/4-3.5ozspinningfr
STECDFAX330ML (discontinued)11' 10"8.1oz273/16-3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX330MH (discontinued)11' 10"9oz271/2-1 3/8ozspinningfr
STECDFAX330H (discontinued)11' 10"9.5oz273/4-1 3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX330XH (discontinued)11' 10"9.8oz271 3/4-3.5ozspinningfr
STECDFAXSP270M (discontinued)9' 10"8.3oz373/8-1 1/16ozspinningfr
STECDFAXSP290M (discontinued)9' 6"8.7oz363/8-1 1/16ozspinningfr
STECDFAXSP330MH (discontinued)11' 10"9.4oz371/2-1 3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX300SL (discontinued)10' 10"9oz383/8-1 3/4ozspinningfr
STECDFAX330SL (discontinued)11' 10"9.9oz393/4-2.1ozspinningfr
STECDFAX390SL (discontinued)13' 10"11.6oz3103/4-2.8ozspinningfr
CTECDFAX240MH (discontinued)8' 10"6.3oz291/2-1 3/8ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX270ML (discontinued)9' 10"6.4oz2103/16-3/4ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX270MH (discontinued)9' 10"7.2oz2101/2-1 3/8ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX270H (discontinued)9' 10"7.8oz2103/4-1 3/4ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX300MH (discontinued)10' 10"8.3oz2101/2-1 3/8ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX300H (discontinued)10' 10"8.6oz2103/4-1 3/4ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX300SL (discontinued)10' 10"8.7oz393/8-1 3/4ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX330SL (discontinued)11' 10"9.7oz3103/4-2.1ozcastingfr
CTECDFAX390SL (discontinued)13' 10"11.5oz3113/4-2.8ozcastingfr
This item is contained into a serie:
Shimano, Shimano Inc Technium Diaflash | Technium DF (spinning rod, casting rod)
Best prices for Shimano, Shimano Inc Technium DF AX:
Shimano Fishing First Sectio... 180L
33.49€ 33.49€ date: 7/14

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