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Flextec Streamtec

Flextec Streamtec
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Manufacturer's infos:
Firstly lets make one thing clear. If you are looking to fish rivers and streams then we believe you have hit the jackpot with the new Flextec StreamTec Fly Rod.

These rods are very well balanced and have a perfect medium action offering better control, more accuracy, better tippet protection and softer presentations offering more forgiveness on each cast and ensuring a good hook set on every strike.

The blanks are very light and made from the best graphite available on the market today.

The StreamTec has been designed by fisherman who understand the sport of Fly Fishing, it's that simple! Its accuracy of casting is better than any other rod we have fished and its responsiveness when fishing is second to none.

Olve/Gold high modulus blanks with stunning matt anodised reel seat along with matt wooden spacer
Half Wells Top Grade Portuguase Handle
Comes with a luxe cordura carry casewith leather details
Works in harmony when combined with the Flextec AeroTec Fly Reel,

Over the years we have been asked time and time again if we are ever going to produce a river rod. Well now we have! We have the full range here, the smallest being the 6' 6" #3 rod, perfect for those small Brown Trout and Grayling all the way up to a 10' #6 rod perfect for upstream Chalk waters with a dry fly or small nymph.

These really are the best fly rods Flextec have ever made, so if it's a River or Stream rod you are after, then this is the rod for you.
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FLEX-STREAMTEC6636' 6"2.4oz4#3HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC7637' 6"2.5oz4#3HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC848' 12"2.6oz4#4HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC8648' 6"2.8oz4#4HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC939' 12"2.9oz4#3HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC949' 12"3oz4#4HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC959' 12"3oz4#5HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC9669' 6"3.2oz4#6FW+FBuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC10410' 3.3oz4#4HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC10510' 3.3oz4#5HWuk
FLEX-STREAMTEC10610' 3.5oz4#6FW+FBuk
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