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Daiwa Steez

Anneaux SiC Titanium.
handle EVA.
. STZ pour Steez
. taille en pieds/pouces
. 1=monobrin, 2=2brins
. puissance
. F=fast, R=regular, X=exfast
. B=casting, S=spinning
. code particularité modèle.
references américaines avec un A à la fin.
. SVF: sensible
. SVF Compile X: plus sensible
. Fle-X-Lite / Low Modulus: flexible
. X-Torque: bonne lançeuse
. U.S. Trail: puissant.
. Solid Tip: scion plein.
Daiwa Steez
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Manufacturer's infos:
Steez Bass Rods:
Every component is engineered for the optimum in lightness, strength and sensitivity. And the blank? Pure technology—SVF Graphite. SVF Graphite—Super Volume Fiber technology packs unidirectional graphite fiber into a denser form—with exact resin control—for greater strength, lighter weight and incredible sensitivity. Choose from amazingly flexible SVF Fle-X-Lite Graphite, extra strong SVF Graphite, or super sensitive SVF Compile-X.
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namelengthweightactionsectionsguidespoweryear country
Steez - lien materiel
631 LFB-LM Lightning II6' 3"3.5ozfast11/16-3/8ozX-Torque, Low Modulus2012 jp
641 LXB-ST Hermit6' 4"3.2ozex-fast11/16-1/4ozSolid Tip, X-Torque2012 jp
631 MLFB-SV Skyray6' 3"3ozfast11/16-3/8ozX-Torque, SVF Compile-X2012 jp
651 MLRB Blitz6' 5"3.5ozregular11/8-3/4ozFle-X-Lite / Low Modulus2006 jp, fr
681 MLFB-LM Lightning6' 8"3.5ozfast193/32-3/4ozFle-X-Lite / Low Modulusjp, 2011 fr
7011 MMLXB-SV Harrier F-spec7' 1"3.5ozex-fast11/16-1/2ozX-Torque, SVF Compile-X2012 jp
601 MFB Raptor6' 3.2ozfast11/8-5/8ozSVF2006 jp
661 MFB-SV Werewolf6' 6"3.4ozfast11/8-3/4ozX-Torque, SVF Compile-X2012 jp
661 MRB-XTQ MachineGunCast Type-I6' 6"3.7ozregular11/8-3/4ozX-Torque2006 jp
661 MHRB-XTQ MachineGunCast Type-II6' 6"4ozregular13/16-1ozX-Torque2006 jp, fr
631 MMHFB TopGun6' 3"3.5ozfast13/16-1ozSVF2006 jp
641 MMHFB-SV Tomcat6' 4"3.5ozfast13/16-1ozX-Torque, SVF Compile-X2012 jp
651 MMHRB Specter6' 5"5.1ozregular193/16-1oz2016 fr
671 HMHFB Flogger6' 7"3.8ozfast191/4-1ozSVF2006 jp, fr
701 MHFB-US Wylie7' 12"5.4ozfast11/4-1ozU.S. Trail2006 jp
721 MHXB-SV Strike Flanker7' 2"4.3ozex-fast11/8-1ozX-Torque, SVF Compile-X2012 jp
701 HMHXB-XTQ Hustler7' 12"4.2ozex-fast13/16-1ozX-Torque, SVF2012 jp
721 HMHRB-LM Deepstrike7' 2"4.2ozregular11/4-1 3/8ozLow Modulus2012 jp
711 HFB-SV Harrier7' 1"4.2ozfast11/4-1 1/2ozSVF Compile-X2006 jp
802 HFB-SV Harrier 808' 4.8ozfast21/4-1 1/2ozX-Torque, SVF Compile-X2012 jp
731 HXHFB-US Ouachita7' 3"4.8ozfast11/4-1 5/8ozU.S. Trail2006 jp
742 HXHRB Stratofortress7' 4"6.4ozregular1+191/2-2ozSVF2006 jp, fr
731 XHFB Flying Fortress7' 3"4.9ozfast13/8-2.5ozX-Torque, SVF2012 jp
621 ULXS-SP Gray6' 2"4ozex-fast11/32-1/8ozSVF Compile-X2012 jp
641 ULXS-ST Mistral6' 4"3.4ozfast191/64-1/8ozSVF + scion Megatopjp, 2011 fr
681 ULXS-ST Amraam6' 8"3.5ozex-fast11-64-1-8grX-Torque, Solid Tip, Megatop, SVF2007 jp
631 ULLXS-SP Regulus6"3.9ozex-fast11/32-1/8ozX-Torque, Solid Power Slim Design, SVF2009 jp
641 ULLRS-LM Sergeant6' 4"3.4ozregular11/16-3/16ozSolid Tip, Megatop, X-Torque, SVF2012 jp
601 LFS Hellfire6' 3.2ozfast11/16-1/8ozSVF2006 jp
601 LXS-TA Gray Ghost6' 3.2ozex-fast11/32-1/16ozTitanium Alloy, SVF Compile-X2007 jp
641 LXS-ST Super Skyflash6' 4"3.5ozex-fast11/32-1/8ozjp
651 LFS Skybolt6' 5"3.5ozfast11/16-1/8ozX-Torque, SVF2012 jp
601 LXS SkyFlash6' 3.5ozex-fast11/16-1/8ozSVF2006 jp
621 LFS-SP Lugar6' 2"4.1ozfast11/16-3/16ozjp
651 MLFS Firebolt6' 5"3.5ozfast11/16-5/16ozX-Torque, SVF2012 jp
661 MLFS Storm Shadow6' 6"3.7ozfast11/16-1/4ozjp
681 MLFS-SV Kingbolt6' 8"3.7ozfast11/16-3/8ozSVF Compile-X2007 jp
651 MFS-XTQ Vernier6' 5"3.6ozfast181/16-1/2ozX-Torquejp, 2011 fr
Steez AGS Spinning - lien materiel
STZAGS651MFSAF Storm Dragon6' 5"3.9oz181/4-1ozblank carbone 87% SVF2015 fr
STZAGS671MHFSAF Shooting Star6' 7"3.9oz181/4-1ozblank carbone SVF2015 fr
STZAGS651MFSBF6' 5"3.3oz183/16-3/4oz2018 fr
STZAGS671MHFSBF6' 7"3.9oz181/4-1oz2018 fr
STZAGS701MHFSBF7' 12"4.1oz191/4-1oz2018 fr
STZAGS701HMHFSBF7' 12"4.7oz193/8-1 1/4oz2018 fr
Steez AGS Casting - lien materiel
STZAGS691MHRBBF6' 9"3.9ozregular191/4-1oz2018 fr
STZAGS701HMHFBBF7' 12"4.3ozfast193/8-1 1/4oz2018 fr
STZAGS701MFBBF7' 12"4oz191/4-3/4oz2019 fr
STZAGS6101MHFBBF6' 10"3.8ozfast191/4-1oz2020 fr
Best prices for Daiwa Steez:
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Last price date: 11/29
Canne Casting Daiwa Steez Ag...sting
329€ 329 date: 11/29
Canne Spinning Daiwa Steez A... Mono
429€ 429 date: 11/29
Canne Spinning Daiwa Steez A...nning
429€ 429 date: 11/29
Daiwa Steez AGS Universal Po...91HFB
$549.99 $549.99 (~463€) date: 11/29
Daiwa Steez AGS Bass Spinnin...MMLFS
$549.99 $549.99 (~463€) date: 11/29
Daiwa Steez AGS Bottom Conta...MHHFB
$549.99 $549.99 (~463€) date: 11/29
Daiwa Steez AGS The Sensor C...B-SMT
$599.99 $599.99 (~505€) date: 11/29

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