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Redington Path

Redington Path
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Path is a moderate-fast action rod great for beginners or an angler with a more relaxed casting stroke.

All water, moderate-fast action rod
Durable anodized aluminum reel seat, ideal for all fresh and saltwater applications
Alignment dots for easy rod setup
Rods come with black cloth rod tube
Combo includes: Path rod, Path reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream® WF fly line, and zippered carrying case
8 and 9 weight, saltwater application, available with RIO Saltwater® Floating Line
Lifetime warranty *Rod only
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namelengthweightactionsectionslineyear country
Path 370-27' 12"2.5ozreg-fast2#3Aus, 2014 fr
Path 480-28' 2.7ozreg-fast2#4Aus, 2014 fr
Path 586-28' 7"3ozreg-fast2#5Aus, 2014 fr
Path 590-29' 3.1ozreg-fast2#5Aus, 2014 fr
Path 690-29' 3.2ozreg-fast2#6Aus, 2014 fr
Path 890-29' 4.2ozreg-fast2#8Bus, 2014 fr
Path 990-29' 4.3ozreg-fast2#9Bus, 2014 fr
Path 376-47' 7"2.6ozreg-fast4#3Aus, 2014 fr
Path 480-48' 2.8ozreg-fast4#4Aus, 2014 fr
Path 586-48' 7"3.2ozreg-fast4#5Aus, 2014 fr
Path 590-49' 3.1ozreg-fast4#5Aus, 2014 fr
Path 690-49' 3.3ozreg-fast4#6Aus, 2014 fr
Path 790-49' 4.2ozreg-fast4#7Bus, 2014 fr
Path 890-49' 4.4ozreg-fast4#8Bus, 2014 fr
Path 990-49' 4.6ozreg-fast4#9Bus, 2014 fr
Path 796-49' 7"4.2ozreg-fast4#7Bus, 2014 fr
Path 896-49' 7"4.5ozreg-fast4#8Bus, 2014 fr
Path 7100-410' 4.4ozreg-fast4#7Bus, 2014 fr
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