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Récompensée à l'EFTTEX 2011.
handle cork.
Sage One
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Manufacturer's infos:
The ONE rod is our flagship offering that may redefine the “all-around” rod category, where precision casting accuracy is needed over a wide range of conditions. Hand crafted from our Konnetic technology three long years in the making, the ONE rod is a game changer. Your game. Its fast action incorporates a built in sweet spot, making the ONE rod the ideal choice for experienced and aspiring casters alike.
- Fast action
- Konnetic Technology construction
- Fuji ceramic stripping guides
- Hard chromed snake guides
- High grade, custom tapered, shaped cork handles
- Walnut wood and Golden Bronze-colored aluminum anodized freshwater reel seat
- Weights 6 through 10 have an all Golden Bronze colored aluminum anodized reel seat
- Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion
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namelengthweightactionsectionslineyear country
486-4 ONE8' 6"2.4ozfast4#4soie #4, poignée L2011 us
586-4 ONE8' 6"2.6ozfast4#5soie #5, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
390-4 ONE9' 12"2.4ozfast4#3soie #3, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
490-4 ONE9' 12"2.5ozfast4#4soie #4, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
590-4 ONE9' 12"2.8ozfast4#5soie #5, poignée L2011 us
690-4 ONE9' 12"2.9ozfast4#6soie #6, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
691-4 ONE9' 12"3ozfast4#6soie #6, poignée M2011 us, 2012 fr
790-4 ONE9' 12"3.4ozfast4#7soie #7, poignée M2011 us, 2012 fr
890-4 ONE9' 12"3.5ozfast4#8soie #8, poignée M2011 us
990-4 ONE9' 12"3.7ozfast4#9soie #9, poignée M2011 us, 2012 fr
496-4 ONE9' 6"2.9ozfast4#4soie #4, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
596-4 ONE9' 6"2.9ozfast4#5soie #5, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
696-4 ONE9' 6"3.1ozfast4#6soie #6, poignée L2011 us
697-4 ONE9' 6"3.2ozfast4#6soie #6, poignée M2011 us, 2012 fr
796-4 ONE9' 6"3.6ozfast4#7soie #7, poignée M2011 us, 2012 fr
896-4 ONE9' 6"3.7ozfast4#8soie #8, poignée M2011 us, 2012 fr
4100-4 ONE10' 3ozfast4#4soie #4, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
5100-4 ONE10' 3.1ozfast4#5soie #5, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
6100-4 ONE10' 3.4ozfast4#6soie #6, poignée L2011 us, 2012 fr
7100-4 ONE10' 3.8ozfast4#7soie #7, poignée M2011 us, 2012 fr
8100-4 ONE10' 4ozfast4#8soie #8, poignée M2011 us
1090-4 ONE9' 12"4.2ozfast4#10soie #10, poignée L2011 us
Best prices for Sage One:
Sage Little One Fly Rod
$850 $850 (~715€) date: 4/21
Sage One Trout Spey Rod
$950 $950 (~800€) date: 4/21

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