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Palms, Angler's Republic Molla
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Manufacturer's infos:
Bass fishing without a doubt has to be the most interesting style of fishing there is. There are just so many diffrent lures to choose from in any given situation that a full line-up of rods becomes necessary. This MOLLA series offers in all 34 versatile rods to choose from. With such a large selection of rods to choose from this series should support all anglers from begginers all the way up to the pros. This series greatest asset must be that they are versatile rods allowing for any style of approach. We also offer 2pc. models that are great for the traveling angler. Finally, by keeping the pricing down, we believe more and more anglers will be able to enjoy fishing.
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namelengthweightactionsectionspowerlineyear country
MGC-66ULXF6' 6"3.8ozex-fast11/32-1/4oz4-8lbBait Finesse2jp
MGC-67LXF/MGC-67L2XF6' 7"ex-fast1 / 21/8-3/8oz6-12lbBait Finessejp
MGC-62MLF6' 2"3.6ozfast13/16-5/8oz8-14lbFine Operationjp
MGC-65MLF/MGC-65ML2F6' 5"fast1 / 23/16-5/8oz8-14lbLight Pitchin'jp
MGC-63MF/MGC-63M2F6' 3"fast1 / 21/4-3/4oz8-16lbSpot Sniperjp
MGC-66MF/MGC-66M2F6' 6"fast1 / 21/4-3/4oz8-16lbSearcher Fast Movingjp
MGC-69M2F6' 9"4.1ozfast21/4-3/4oz8-16lbLong Shooterjp
MGC-67MH2F6' 7"4.3ozfast23/8-1oz10-20lbJig'n Wormjp
MGC-69MHF6' 9"4.4ozfast13/8-1oz10-20lbAllrounderjp
MGC-70MHM-PE7' 12"4.7ozregular13/8-1ozPE#3-5Dartin' Frog2012 jp
MGC-73MHF/MGC-73MH2F7' 3"fast1+1 / 23/8-1oz10-20lbCover Capturejp
MGC-78MHF7' 8"5.3ozfast1+13/8-1oz10-20lbSuper Long Shooterjp
MGC-68HF6' 8"4.9ozfast13/8-1 1/4oz10-25lbHeavy Pitchin'2012 jp
MGC-70HF/MGC-70H2F7' 12"fast1 / 23/8-1 1/4oz10-25lbHeavy Cover&Lunkersjp
MGC-74XHM7' 4"5.3ozregular1+11/2-2.1oz10-35lbMega Swimbaitjp
MGC-711XXHM-PE8' 11"7.2ozregular1+11/2-3.9ozPE#4-8Punch&Flip2012 jp
MGS-62ULXXF [SOLID TIP]6' 2"3ozex-fast11/32-3/16oz2.5-6lbUltra Finessejp
MGS-63ULXF/MGS-63UL2XF6' 3"ex-fast1 / 21/32-3/16oz2.5-6lbFine Shakin'jp
MGS-66ULXF/MGS-66UL2XF6' 6"ex-fast1 / 21/32-3/16oz2.5-6lbWide Shakin'jp
MGS-64LXF/MGS-64L2XF6' 4"ex-fast1 / 21/8-1/4oz3-8lbJig Head Wacky
MGS-67LF/MGS-67L2F6' 7"fast1 / 21/8-1/4oz3-8lbUltimate Finessejp
MGS-65MLMF/MGS-65ML2MF6' 5"reg-fast1 / 21/8-3/8oz4-10lbSmall Rubber Jig
MGS-69MLF/MGS-69ML2F6' 9"fast1 / 21/8-3/8oz4-10lbSplit &Drop Shotjp
MGS-70MLF7' 12"3.8ozfast1 / 21/8-3/8oz4-10lbLong Leader Rigjp
MGS-73ML+F/MGS-73ML+2F7' 3"fast1+1 / 21/8-3/8oz4-12lbBank Fisherjp
MGS-76ML+F7' 6"4.1ozfast1+11/8-3/8oz4-12lbLong Shooter Spinjp
MGS-70MF-PE7' 12"3.7ozfast11/8-1/2ozPE#0.6-1.2Jig Head Reaction2012 jp
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