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Major Craft MS-X

Revival of the Legend.
Gamme bass.
Fuji guides SiC Titanium KR.
handle EVA/cork.
Major Craft MS-X
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Manufacturer's infos:
10 years have already passed since a smashing debut.The legendary "Major Stick (MS)"was redesigned based on Major Craft 10 years experience and data.The grand sum of 10 years "MS-X" debut. To make it work well over the next decade, we forcused on everything (blanks, guide, reel seat & etc.) and adopted unsparingly the highest level and leading-edge spec.We reinforced the stiffness against torsion by putting the new process of manufacture "Cross Force Plus" on butt section, which is made by taping doubly Cross Force on flat woven carbon and screwing tightly.Cross Force on belly part. And because we adopted all titunium frame guide, we achieved the advancement of the level for high crisp action, stiffness, sensitivity and lightweight properties. The amazing spec exceeds everything. X means 10 years. We want you to experience the high potential which live up to the name.
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namelengthactionsectionspowerlineyear country
MXC-64UL/BF6' 4"reg-fast11/16-1/4oz3-10lbbait finessejp
MXC-65L/BF6' 5"reg-fast11/16-1/4oz4-12lbbait finessejp
MXC-68ML/BF6' 8"reg-fast11/8-3/8oz5-14lbbait finessejp
MXC-69M/BF6' 9"reg-fast13/16-1/2oz6-16lbbait finessejp
MXC-65ML6' 5"reg-fast13/16-1/2oz8-14lbcastingjp
MXC-66M6' 6"regular11/4-3/4oz10-16lbcastingjp
MXC-610M6' 10"regular11/4-3oz10-16lbcastingjp
MXC-67MH6' 7"reg-fast11/4-1oz12-20lbcastingjp
MXC-70MH7' 12"reg-fast11/4-1oz12-20lbcastingjp
MXC-70H7' 12"reg-fast13/8-1oz12-25lbcastingjp
MXC-70X7' 12"regular13/8-3oz14-30lbcastingjp
MXS-64UL6' 4"ex-fast11/16-1/4oz3-7lbspinningjp
MXS-64L6' 4"fast11/16-1/4oz4-8lbspinningjp
MXS-67L6' 7"fast11/16-1/4oz4-8lbspinningjp
MXS-68ML6' 8"reg-fast11/8-3/8oz5-10lbspinningjp
MXC-662M6' 6"regular21/4-3/4oz10-16lbcastingjp
MXC-692MH6' 9"reg-fast21/4-1oz12-20lbcastingjp
MXS-652L6' 5"fast21/16-1/4oz4-8lbspinningjp
MXS-672ML6' 7"reg-fast21/8-3/8oz5-10lbspinningjp
MXC-70FR7' 12"regular11/4-2oz14-30lbfrog & big baitjp
MXC-76BB7' 6"reg-fast11-3oz16-30lbfrog & big baitjp
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