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Shimano Lesath DX

Blank Spiral X & Hi-Power X.
Fuji guides Torzite Titanium K.
handle cork.
Shimano, Shimano Inc Lesath DX
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Lesath DX is the totally renewed and updated flagship spinning rod, developed for all-round predator fishing. It has an incredible thin, powerful and light weight blank and the best components available. The Spiral X + Hi-Power X technologies reduce ovalisation and blank twist to a bare minimum, while making the blank very responsive, light and strong. The action of the Lesath is a beautiful moderate-fast action, which makes this rod a true allrounder for predator fishing. Because of the action and the Spiral X / Hi-Power X technologies, the rod is capable of casting very big distances with all kinds of lures. Fighting a fish is a pleasure due to the slightly progressive action, combined with enough backbone which will give the angler control when fighting a big fish. The Ci4+ reel seat is over 10% lighter then a conventional reel seat, but stronger as well. Overall; the Lesath DX is the ultimate all-round rod of our predator range.
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namelengthweightsectionsguidespoweryear country
SLEDX21M7' 11"4.3oz291/4-1oz2018 eu
SLEDX27H9' 10"6.1oz2103/4-2oz2018 eu
SLEDX30M10' 10"6oz2111/4-1oz2018 eu
SLEDX27XH9' 10"2101 1/2-3oz2018 eu
SLEDX27M9' 10"5.5oz2101/4-1oz2018 eu
SLEDX27MH9' 10"5.9oz2101/2-1 1/2oz2018 eu
SLEDX24M8' 10"4.5oz2101/4-1oz2018 eu
SLEDX27ML9' 10"5.4oz2101/4-3/4oz2018 eu
SLEDX24MH8' 10"4.9oz2101/2-1 1/2oz2018 eu
SLEDX86XHINT8' 6"2101 5/8-4.8oz2018 eu
This item is contained into a serie:
Shimano, Shimano Inc Lesath Serie (spinning rod)
Best prices for Shimano, Shimano Inc Lesath DX:
Shimano Lesath DX 270XH, 2.7...nning
469.90€ 469.90 date: 10/26
Shimano Lesath DX 270H, 2.70...nning
515.56€ 515.56 date: 10/26
Shimano Lesath DX 860 XHINT,...nning
534.79€ 534.79 date: 10/26

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