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Flextec Kinetic

Flextec Kinetic
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Manufacturer's infos:
The new Kinetic rod with its Torayca technology is a game shifter in the slow-action style of Dry Fly Fishing.

Its hypnotically smooth slower tempo combined with crisp and precise loading / unloading of each cast, results in unmatched accuracy and delicate presentations.

The Kinetic is a perfect addition to your rod collection, allowing you to approach a river with stealthy, short-range accuracy.

The Kinetic range, recently upgraded, not only boasts a beautiful new real seat but also has a ‘AAA’ grade cork and multi-composite handle .

Combine this with its sultry matt finish and you get the Kinetic –effortless energy!


4 piece construction
Dual line ratings
Lifetime Warranty (conditions apply)
Padded Cordura Case
Burl wood glossed spacer and gun metal real seat
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namelengthweightsectionslineyear country
FLEX-KINETIC-94569' 12"4.2oz4#5-6RHWuk
FLEX-KINETIC-94679' 12"4.7oz4#6-7RHWuk
FLEX-KINETIC-94789' 12"4.9oz4#7-8RHWuk
FLEX-KINETIC--1045610' 5.7oz4#5-6RHWuk
FLEX-KINETIC--1046710' 6oz4#6-7FW + EHuk
FLEX-KINETIC--1047810' 6.2oz4#7-8FW + EHuk
FLEX-KINETIC--1147811' 12"6.3oz4#7-8FW + EHuk
FLEX-KINETIC--1148911' 12"6.6oz4#8-9FW + EHuk
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