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G Loomis GLX Fly

G Loomis, Shimano Inc GLX
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Manufacturer's infos:
Over the years, G.Loomis has made huge strides in materials development, rod designs and innovative componentry. We've dramatically improved our rods, making them lighter and more efficient than ever, desiging new, definitive families for a very specific techniques or a species. Our rods are made for the fanatical angler that specializes and has exacting expectations for his or her style of fishing. We are constantly looking to the next generation of rods to further define their niche. It's been extremely successful for us, but it doesn't fit everyone. There is one line of fly rods has remained in the heart of the angler as perhaps the greatest of all. When we first introduced GLX, these two-piece rods quickly became the standard by which all high performance fly rods were judged. We've got a large following of anglers that still love these "classic" GLX fly rods. They are very accurate in line-size, but their biggest attribute may be their versatility. They load as well at 15 feet as they do at 60 feet and they are extremely powerful given their extreme light weight. We've gradually thinned out the less popular rods, but these four remain in high demand... the proverbial Best of the Best! As the demand for high performance rods moves towards the traveling angler and multi-piece construction, these four 2-piece legends remain. We know and understand why they're so popular and that's why we continue to make them. It's our way of keeping things in perspective, remembering what got us here.
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namelengthactionsectionslineyear country
FR 1084-2 GLX9' 12"fast2#4Aus
FR 1085-2 GLX9' 12"fast2#5Aus
FR 1086-2 GLX9' 12"fast2#6Aus
FR 1088-2 GLX9' 12"fast2#8Cus
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