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Shimano Expride

Shimano, Shimano Inc Expride
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namelengthweightactionsectionspowerlineyear country
Expride - lien materiel
163ML-BFS (discontinued)6' 3"3.7ozreg-fast13/16-1/2oz8-16lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
165L-BFS (discontinued)6' 5"3.9ozex-fast11/8-3/8oz6-12lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
165L-BFS/2 (discontinued)6' 5"3.7ozex-fast21/8-3/8oz6-12lbcarbone: 99.5%2012 jp
166ML (discontinued)6' 6"3.9ozreg-fast13/16-1/2oz8-16lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
166ML-2 (discontinued)6' 6"4ozreg-fast23/16-1/2oz8-16lbcarbone: 98.4%2012 jp
166M (discontinued)6' 6"4.1ozreg-fast11/4-3/4oz10-20lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
166M-2 (discontinued)6' 6"4ozreg-fast21/4-3/4oz10-20lbcarbone: 99.4%2012 jp
168ML-G (discontinued)6' 8"4ozregular13/16-3/4oz8-16lbcarbone: 93.6%2012 jp
168MH (discontinued)6' 8"4.1ozfast13/8-1 1/16oz10-25lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
168MH-2 (discontinued)6' 8"4.1ozfast23/8-1 1/16oz10-25lbcarbone: 98.7%2012 jp
1610M-G (discontinued)6' 10"4.2ozregular11/4-1oz10-20lbcarbone: 93.4%2012 jp
1610M (discontinued)6' 10"4.2ozreg-fast11/4-3/4oz10-20lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
1610M-2 (discontinued)6' 10"4.1ozreg-fast21/4-3/4oz10-20lbcarbone: 99.4%2012 jp
171H ※1 (discontinued)7' 1"4.9ozfast23/8-1 1/4oz12-30lbcarbone: 99.2%2012 jp
171H-2 (discontinued)7' 1"4.7ozfast23/8-1 1/4oz12-30lbcarbone: 99.5%2012 jp
172MH (discontinued)7' 2"4.6ozreg-fast23/8-1 1/16oz10-25lbcarbone: 99.7%2012 jp
173XH (discontinued)7' 3"4.8ozreg-fast21/2-2oz16-35lbcarbone: 99.6%2012 jp
262UL-S (discontinued)6' 2"3.2ozex-fast11/16-3/16oz3-5lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
263L-S (discontinued)6' 3"3.2ozex-fast11/8-3/8oz4-8lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
263L-S/2 (discontinued)6' 3"3.4ozex-fast21/8-3/8oz4-8lbcarbone: 99.2%2012 jp
264UL+ (discontinued)6' 4"3.4ozregular11/16-3/8oz3-8lbcarbone: 88.4%2012 jp
264ML (discontinued)6' 4"3.4ozreg-fast11/8-3/8oz5-10lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
264ML-2 (discontinued)6' 4"3.4ozreg-fast21/8-3/8oz5-10lbcarbone: 99.3%2012 jp
266L (discontinued)6' 6"3.4ozfast11/8-3/8oz4-8lbcarbone: 100%2012 jp
266L-2 (discontinued)6' 6"3.4ozfast21/8-3/8oz4-8lbcarbone: 99.3%2012 jp
268ML-2 (discontinued)6' 8"3.6ozreg-fast21/8-3/8oz5-10lbcarbone: 99.4%2012 jp
2610L (discontinued)6' 10"3.5ozfast11/8-3/8oz4-8lbcarbone: 99.8%2012 jp
2610ML (discontinued)6' 10"3.9ozreg-fast11/8-3/8oz5-10lbcarbone: 99.8%2012 jp
Expride 2017 Casting - lien materiel
163ML-G6' 3"4.2ozregular13/16-5/8oz7-14fibre de verre2017 jp
164L-BFS6' 4"3.5ozex-fast11/8-3/8oz6-12bait finesse2017 jp
165ML+6' 5"3.7ozreg-fast13/16-3/4oz7-142017 jp
165MH-LM6' 5"3.9ozreg-fast13/8-1 1/4oz10-202017 jp
166ML6' 6"3.8ozreg-fast13/16-1/2oz7-142017 jp
166M6' 6"4ozreg-fast11/4-3/4oz8-162017 jp
168L-BFS6' 8"3.5ozex-fast11/8-3/8oz6-12bait finesse2017 jp
168MH6' 8"4ozfast13/8-1 1/16oz10-202017 jp
169H6' 9"4.2ozfast13/8-1 1/2oz12-252017 jp
1610M6' 10"3.9ozreg-fast11/4-3/4oz8-162017 jp
170M-G7' 12"4.6ozregular21/4-3/4oz8-16fibre de verre2017 jp
172ML+-BFS7' 2"4.3ozex-fast21/8-5/8oz7-14bait finesse2017 jp
172MH7' 2"4.5ozreg-fast23/8-1 1/16oz10-202017 jp
172MH-G7' 2"4.9ozregular23/8-1 1/4oz10-20fibre de verre2017 jp
172H7' 2"4.4ozfast23/8-1 1/2oz12-252017 jp
173MH-LM7' 3"4.4ozreg-fast23/8-1 1/4oz10-202017 jp
173XH7' 3"4.7ozreg-fast21/2-2oz14-302017 jp
176MH7' 6"4.5ozreg-fast23/8-1 1/16oz10-202017 jp
176H7' 6"4.6ozfast23/8-1 1/2oz12-252017 jp
176H-SB7' 6"4.6ozreg-fast21/2-2oz12-25swimbait2017 jp
1710H+-SB7' 10"5.3ozreg-fast21/2-3oz12-25swimbait2017 jp
1711XH8' 11"5.7ozfast21/2-3oz14-302017 jp
164L-BFS/26' 4"3.5ozex-fast21/8-3/8oz6-12bait finesse2017 jp
166ML-26' 6"3.7ozreg-fast23/16-1/2oz7-142017 jp
166M-26' 6"3.8ozreg-fast21/4-3/4oz8-162017 jp
168L-BFS/26' 8"3.6ozex-fast21/8-3/8oz6-12bait finesse2017 jp
168MH-26' 8"4.2ozfast23/8-1 1/16oz10-202017 jp
1610M-26' 10"4.1ozreg-fast21/4-3/4oz8-162017 jp
1610MH-SB/26' 10"4.3ozregular23/8-1 1/4oz10-20swimbait2017 jp
172MH-27' 2"4.4ozreg-fast23/8-1 1/16oz10-202017 jp
172H-27' 2"4.5ozfast23/8-1 1/2oz12-252017 jp
175H-SB/27' 5"4.9ozreg-fast21/2-2oz12-25swimbait2017 jp
190XXH-29' 12"6.2ozregular2<7.1oz14-302017 jp
1910H-210' 10"6.5ozreg-fast23/8-2oz12-252017 jp
1911XH-210' 11"6.4ozfast21/2-3oz14-302017 jp
Expride 2017 Spinning - lien materiel
262UL-S6' 2"3.1ozex-fast11/16-3/16oz2.5-5Taftec Ɑ (Solid)2017 jp
263L-S6' 3"3.2ozex-fast13/32-3/8oz3-6Taftec Solid Tip2017 jp
264SUL-S6' 4"3.1ozex-fast11/16-3/16oz2-4Taftec Ɑ (Solid)2017 jp
264UL6' 4"3.2ozfast11/16-1/4oz2.5-52017 jp
265UL+6' 5"3.2ozreg-fast11/16-3/8oz2.5-6Excite Top2017 jp
265ML6' 5"3.4ozfast11/8-3/8oz4-82017 jp
266L-LM6' 6"3.6ozregular11/8-3/8oz3-62017 jp
266L6' 6"3.4ozfast11/8-3/8oz3-62017 jp
267L+6' 7"3.4ozreg-fast11/8-3/8oz3-6Excite Top2017 jp
268UL-S6' 8"3.2ozex-fast11/16-3/16oz2.5-5Taftec Ɑ (Solid)2017 jp
2610ML6' 10"3.4ozfast11/8-3/8oz4-82017 jp
270L+7' 12"3.4ozfast21/8-3/8oz3-62017 jp
262UL-S/26' 2"3.1ozex-fast21/16-3/16oz2.5-5Taftec Ɑ (Solid)2017 jp
263L-S/26' 3"3.2ozex-fast23/32-3/8oz3-6Taftec Solid Tip2017 jp
264UL-26' 4"3.2ozfast21/16-1/4oz2.5-52017 jp
265UL+-26' 5"3.2ozreg-fast21/16-3/8oz2.5-6Excite Top2017 jp
265ML-26' 5"3.4ozfast21/8-3/8oz4-82017 jp
266L-26' 6"3.6ozfast21/8-3/8oz3-62017 jp
2610ML-26' 10"3.4ozfast21/8-3/8oz4-82017 jp
286ML-28' 6"4.3ozfast23/16-3/4oz6-212017 jp
Expride A Casting - lien materiel
EX1610MA6' 10"reg-fast11/4-3/4oz8-16lb2019 us
EX1610MGA6' 10"regular11/4-3/4oz8-16lb2019 us
EX166MA6' 6"reg-fast11/4-3/4oz8-16lb2019 us
EX168MHA6' 8"fast13/8-1oz10-20lb2019 us
EX170MGA7' 12"regular11/4-3/4oz8-16lb2019 us
EX1711XHA8' 11"fast11/2-3oz14-30lb2019 us
EX172HA7' 2"fast13/8-1 1/2oz12-25lb2019 us
EX172MHA7' 2"reg-fast13/8-1oz10-20lb2019 us
EX172MHGA7' 2"regular13/8-1 1/4oz10-20lb2019 us
EX172MLA7' 2"ex-fast11/8-5/8oz7-14lb2019 us
EX173XHA7' 3"reg-fast11/2-2oz14-30lb2019 us
EX176HA7' 6"fast13/8-1 1/2oz12-25lb2019 us
EX176MHA7' 6"reg-fast13/8-1oz10-20lb2019 us
EX176XHA7' 6"reg-fast11/2-2oz14-30lb2019 us
EX177HA7' 7"reg-fast11/2-2oz12-25lb2019 us
EX180HA8' reg-fast11/2-3oz12-25lb2019 us
EX190XXHA9' 12"reg-fast21-7oz14-30lb2019 us
EX1910HA10' 10"reg-fast23/8-2oz12-25lb2019 us
EX1911XHA10' 11"fast21/2-3oz14-30lb2019 us
Expride A Spinning - lien materiel
EX2610MLA6' 10"fast11/8-3/8oz4-8lb2019 us
EX268MA6' 8"ex-fast13/16-1/2oz5-10lb2019 us
EX268MHA6' 8"fast11/4-3/4oz6-12lb2019 us
EX270LA7' 12"fast13/32-3/8oz3-6lb2019 us
EX270MA7' 12"fast13/16-1/2oz5-10lb2019 us
EX272MHA7' 2"fast11/4-3/4oz6-12lb2019 us
EX286MLA8' 6"fast23/16-3/4oz6-12lb2019 us
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Best prices for Shimano, Shimano Inc Expride:
Shimano Fishing Expride 1.98...10 gr
211.99€ 201 -5% date: 9/20
Shimano Canne Spinning EXPRI..., 2-7
210€ 210 date: 9/20
210€ 220 +5% date: 9/20
Shimano Expride A Spinning R...268MA
$259.99 $259.99 (~219€) date: 9/20
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Shimano Expride A Spinning R...68MHA
$259.99 $259.99 (~219€) date: 9/20
Shimano Expride A Casting Ro...72MHA
$269.99 $269.99 (~227€) date: 9/20
Shimano Expride A Casting Ro...73XHA
$279.99 $279.99 (~236€) date: 9/20
299€ 299 date: 9/20
Shimano Expride Spinning Eau...
441.98€ 441.98 date: 9/20
Shimano Expride Casting Fres...6'10"
458.98€ 458.98 date: 9/20
Shimano Expride Casting Fres... 7'6"
475.98€ 475.98 date: 9/20
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Shimano Expride Casting Fres... 7'6"
475.98€ 475.98 date: 9/20

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