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handle cork.
Saltwater protected.
Redington Crosswater
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Crosswater rod is an easy to cast, Medium-fast Action graphite fly rod ideal for the novice fly angler or the angler that doesn’t want to spend a lot on high performance gear.
- Medium-Fast Action
- Attractive trim details and cosmetics
- Alignment dots for easy rod set up
- Weights available from 4wt to 9wt for multiple fishing needs
- Durable anodized aluminum reel seat, ideal for all fresh and saltwater applications
- Rod comes with black cloth rod sock
- Outfits come complete and ready to fish with a Crosswater reel that's prespooled with backing, RIO Mainstream WF fly line, and knotless leader
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namelengthweightactionsectionslineyear country
Crosswater 476-27' 6"2.6ozreg-fast2#4Aus, fr
Crosswater 580-28' 2.8ozreg-fast2#5Aus, fr
Crosswater 586-28' 6"2.9ozreg-fast2#5Aus, fr
Crosswater 590-29' 12"3.1ozreg-fast2#5Aus, fr
Crosswater 690-29' 12"3ozreg-fast2#6Aus, fr
Crosswater 890-29' 12"4ozreg-fast2#8Bus, fr
Crosswater 990-29' 12"4.2ozreg-fast2#9Bus, fr
Crosswater 586-48' 7"reg-fast4#5us, fr
Crosswater 590-49' 12"3.2ozreg-fast4#5Aus, fr
Crosswater 690-49' 12"reg-fast4#6us, fr
Crosswater 890-49' 12"4.2ozreg-fast4#8Bus, fr
Best prices for Redington Crosswater:
Redington Pêche à la mouche ...
209€ 209 date: 6/18

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