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Scierra Chrome

Scierra, Svendsen Sport Chrome
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Manufacturer's infos:
In building the Chrome series, we have embodied the essence of fly fishing. The aesthetical series, with its perfectly balanced action, will allow you to perform and present your flies with the grace and accuracy you desire.

The medium to fast actions allow you to adjust and control the power of the blanks with your casting techniques and to master on site casting challenges. The Chrome series has been dressed with the best components including ALPS reel seats, Pacific Bay saltwater resistant guides, Portuguese high quality cork and custom made 1K-carbon Cone reel seat inserts.

They are supplied in a velvet rod bag, inside a quality tube with aluminum fittings.

Build on Japanese 46T high quality Carbon Blanks | Medium to fast Action | ALPS Custom made, saltwater resistant, aluminum reel seat, with Unique 1-K Carbon Cone body | Highest grade of Portuguese cork handles | Pacific Bay saltwater resistant Light weight snake and stripping guides | Supplied in quality Tube with aluminum screw in fittings
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namelengthweightsectionslineyear country
8'6" - #48' 7"2.9oz4#4Single-hand A2014 fr
9' - #49' 12"3.2oz4#4Single-hand A2013 fr
9' - #59' 12"3.3oz4#5Single-hand A2013 fr
9' - #69' 12"3.6oz4#6Single-hand A2013 fr
9'6" - #79' 7"4.3oz4#7Single-hand B2013 fr
9'6" - #89' 7"4.4oz4#8Single-hand B2013 fr
10' - #410' 3.4oz4#4Single-hand A2013 fr
10' - #710' 4.6oz4#7Single-hand B2013 fr
10'8'' - #6/710' 8"5.2oz4#6-7Switch Double-handed2013 fr
11'2'' - #7/811' 2"5.6oz4#7-8Switch Double-handed2013 fr
12'6'' - #7/812' 7"8.4oz6#7-8Double-hand2014 fr
12'8'' - #8/912' 8"8.5oz4#8-9Double-hand2013 fr
13'9'' - #9/1014' 9"10.2oz4#9-10Double-hand2013 fr
13' - #8/913' 12"9.2oz6#8-9Double-hand2013 fr
13' - #9/1013' 12"9.1oz6#9-10Double-hand2013 fr
Best price for Scierra, Svendsen Sport Chrome: 279.00€ / 2 offer(s)
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279€ 279 date: 12/2
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299€ 299 date: 12/2

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