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For United Rock & Street Artist.
Gamme Street Fishing & Mer.
Blank x5 à partir de 2017.
Fuji guides SiC (K sur certains modèles) ou Torzite Titanium à partir de 2015.
handle EVA/cork suivant les modèles.
Scion plein sur certains modèles.
Illex, Sensas Ashura Pepper Spinning
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namelengthweightactionsectionsguidespowerlineyear country
S 210 UL (discontinued)7' 11"4.2oz291/64-3/16oz2-5lbencomb: 107cm2011 fr
S 198 UL Micro Jig Special (discontinued)6' 6"3.5ozreg-fast1+181/64-3/16oz2-5lbencomb: 172cm2013 fr
S 210 ML Akoya Pearl (discontinued)7' 11"4ozfast1+191/8-3/8oz3-8lbencomb: 179cm2013 fr
S 2102 ML Akoya Pearl (discontinued)7' 11"3.6ozfast291/8-3/8oz3-8lbencomb: 108cm (Anneaux Fuji Torzite Titanium K)2015 fr
S 240 M Eging Specialized Edition (discontinued)8' 11"5.3ozfast210<1 1/4oz4-12lbencomb: 124cm2013 fr
S 2104 UL Pearl Dock (discontinued)7' 11"3.7ozreg-fast491/64-3/16oz2-6lbencomb: 58cm2014 fr
S 220 UL Light Rock & Street Fishing Game (discontinued)7' 3"3.5ozfast2111/64-1/4oz2-6lbencomb: 113cm (Anneaux Fuji Torzite Titanium K)2015 fr
S 230 L Finesse Symphony (discontinued)7' 7"4.1ozfast281/8-3/4oz4-12lbAnneaux Fuji Torzite Titanium K2016 fr
S 240 M Offshore Eging Special (discontinued)8' 11"4.3ozfast210<3/4oz5-18lbAnneaux Fuji Torzite Titanium K2017 fr
This item is contained into a serie:
Illex, Sensas Ashura Pepper (spinning rod, casting rod)
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