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Leurre Welcome on, website about bass fishing and other predators.
English version of the site offers you a large review of fishing tackle. You will find technical descriptions of fishing tackle items, manufacturer info, notations and useful links in the different categories:

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Matériel de pêche

Highlighted items

Best sales:

Tipsy-S from Gunki
GUNKI LEURRE Souple Tipsy-S ...
-92% 0.67 on fr [info]
K-Don S3 Double Tail from Cormoran
K-DON S3 Double Tail - Motoroil
-89% 0.99 on fr [info]
K-Don S9 Turbo Tail from K-Don
K-Don S9 Turbo Tail Green Ay...00 cm
-83% 0.51 on fr [info]
Twister from Relax
Relax Twister Doubletail Col...
-83% 1.72 on [info]
Scalp Minnow from Crazy Fish
Crazy Fish Scalp Minnow - 4 ...
-81% 0.96 on [info]
Sea Dancing from Fu-Shima
Fu-shima Turlutte Sea Dancin...ze 02
-81% 4.99 on [info]
Effzett Longhorn from DAM
Effzett Longhorn Shads
-80% 1.99 on [info]
ST4ZS | ST8ZS from StandOut
StandOut Drop Shot Hooks (5-9 pcs)
-74% 1.29 on [info]

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