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Leurre Welcome on, website about bass fishing and other predators.
English version of the site offers you a large review of fishing tackle. You will find technical descriptions of fishing tackle items, manufacturer info, notations and useful links in the different categories:

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Matériel de pêche

Highlighted items

Best sales:

Dead Ringer from Zoom
Zoom Bait 15,2 cm Dead Ringe...
-84% 8.60 on fr [info]
Finesse ShroomZ from Z-Man
-79% 8.27 on fr [info]
Shad Shape Worm from Gary Yamamoto
'Shad Shape Worm 3.75-waterm...Black
-78% 1.76 on fr [info]
Echo 1.75 from Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis EC594 Echo Crank ...Lures
-74% 11.33 on fr [info]
Magic Swimmer Pro Soft from Sébile
Sebile® Magic Swimmer™ Soft
-72% 3.90 on fr [info]
ThunderStick from Storm
Storm tempête Thunderstick M...
-69% 11.25 on fr [info]
Slide Swimmer from Deps
deps NEW SLIDE SWIMMER 250 "...nais]
-69% 97.82 on fr [info]
Chatterbait Elite from Z-Man
Z-Man Cb-el38–07 Chatterbait Elite
-69% 10.12 on fr [info]

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Comment pêcher des MASTA PERCHES avec un montage texan .

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